Peony Exuberance : Flower painting tutorial with acrylic and pastel

Peony Exuberance : Flower painting tutorial with acrylic and pastel

by Sandrine Pelissier on August 2, 2011

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Flower painting tutorial with acrylic and pastel

Peony exuberance
mixed media on canvas
36 x 36 inches 



I am working on a flower series, and this Peony Acrylic and Pastel painting is one of my latest from this series :

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Peony Exuberance : Flower painting tutorial with acrylic and pastel

Here are some of the steps I took to make this painting (Click on any picture to make it larger )

pictures of peonies

This is the picture I used as a reference, I took it in my front yard. I liked the composition and the shape of the petals but the whole picture was too pink to my taste and a bit too much on the cold side in terms of colors.

acrylic painting step by step : red under painting

I started with a dark red underpainting because I like when the red shows a bit on the edges, It ties the colors in the painting together.

drawing with a white pencil on canvas

I draw my picture quite loosely on my red underpainting with a white china pencil

drawing on canvas

Close up of the drawing: I am not very detailed.

acrylic painting step by step : painting layers

I start applying layers of acrylic, with 3 colors that are corresponding more or less to my mid tones, highlights and dark.

acrylic painting step by step : painting layers

Adding dark purple in the shades.

painting of peonies, adding red and orange

I start to introduce some orange to balance the pink.

painting of peonies, glazing white acrylic

Adding more light with layers of semi transparent white ( white acrylic diluted with medium)

painting of peonies, painting the background

I am careful when adding layers like this to have some of the previous layers show at the edges.

painting with dry pastels on top of acrylic

I am adding more colors with dry pastels, working especially on the white highlights. I fix the pastel with working fixative.

painting techniques, layering colors

Adding more yellow, orange and green acrylic layers

painting techniques, layering colors

A few adjustments in color.

Peony Exuberance : Flower painting tutorial with acrylic and pastel

The finished painting: Peony exuberance.

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lesliepaints August 2, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I really like seeing the stages of your work, Sandrine. I see, I think, that all those first layers contribute to the fullness you achieve, in the long run, in your finished paintings. I like this series very much. I had seen two of them, previously and the two you have added are great, also. What I like the best about your series is that they are different, but all look great together.


Sandrine Pelissier August 3, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Thanks Leslie! I noticed that whatever the media I use I am now almost always working in layers, because I get better colors and interesting edges. I can’t go to the studio most of July and August because my kids are at home, so I miss painting :-) Anyway I found that usually taking a break is good for painting, you get back to it with more enthusiasm .
I really like the new works you are posting on your blog, gorgeous colors and textures. Makes me want to add a bit more collage on my paintings!


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