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Pouring fluid acrylics and negative painting: A green flower bouquet


greenGreen Bouquet


This is my latest mixed media on canvas piece, I wanted to experiment with techniques of negative painting, pouring fluid acrylics and off course I could not resist adding some patterns :)

Here are the steps I took to paint this mixed media Flower painting:


I started by selecting a few fluid acrylic paint bottles, I actually ended up using only the blue and green. I also used liquid matte medium.


For this pouring technique, start by applying the fluid medium all over the painting with a knife or any other flat tool like a spatula.

IMG_6986Then add some drops of fluid acrylic on top of the liquid gel.

IMG_6988Here I used only blue and yellow fluid acrylic.

IMG_6990Then using the painting knife, I did spread the paint and medium around, this process allow very nice textures to form on the canvas.

IMG_7009Once dried, the canvas looked like this. Now I looked at the canvas and tried to make out shapes from the abstract patterns. I decided to go for a flower theme.

IMG_7011After quickly outlining the shapes, I painted around them with white acrylic.

IMG_7015When all the negative white painting has been done,  the painting looks like this. Basically a few flowers, a vase and I was thinking the shapes on the right could be leaves. I find that I would need an extra leave on the left for balance and am scrubbing off a bit of the white background with alcohol and a stiff brush to add that extra leave.

IMG_7019To make the vase different from the flowers, I am painting it with a layer of blue acrylic, the nice thing about acrylic paint is that it will most of the time be a bit translucent, so some of the patterns will still show on the vase under the blue paint.

IMG_7022As my painting process often involves working in many successive layers, I decide to add some color to the background to work on another layer.

IMG_7023I am adding texture to that yellow layer by spraying some alcohol.

IMG_7024Alcohol textures.

IMG_7026I am adding patterns on the yellow painted background with a blue marker.

IMG_7028Then I am going to use an oil based white sharpie to add more designs and definition to the flowers and the vase.


I decide to change the leaves shapes into small flowers.

IMG_7033Last step is another negative painting in white of the background but this time I am painting around the new designs I just added.


Finally I am adding a bit more designs with the blue marker on top of the newly painted white background. I like the semi abstract quality of the finished painting.

Green Bouquet

Mixed media on canvas

12 x 12 inches

CAD 150

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