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2B or not 2B What about the art supplies?

2B or not 2B, what about the art supplies?

If you are like me you might feel like a kid in a candy store each time you visit an art supplies store. It is tempting to think that because you will buy that new pencil, paint or gorgeous sketchbook you will be more motivated to practice or your artwork will get better. . I found that sometimes the supplies can matter and sometimes they don’t.

2B or not 2B, what about the art supplies?

I found that for example when painting watercolors the quality of the paper and the quality of the paint will make a huge difference, perhaps because when painting with watercolors it can become very technical. I never had much success with the student quality papers for example, and am quite picky anyway with the professional quality papers.

In other cases the supplies can be irrelevant, here are a few striking examples:

http://www.w3sh.com/2011/09/14/creatif-des-portraits-ultra-realistes-aux-stylos-bic/ : Here you can see an amazing collection of portraits with stylo bic, a very basic pen popular and cheap in France

Amazing works of art made with chalk on the sidewalk  by Kurt Wenners : http://forum.xcitefun.net/great-3d-chalk-drawings-of-the-street-artist-kurt-wenners-t36428.html

And one of my favourites, Mark Zorn tape art video!

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