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artist website cheatlist on ARTiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Artist website cheat-list | Excerpt from the online class: Sell your Art online

This is an excerpt from the Online Class “Sell your Art Online”.

sell your Art Online social media for artists website checklist

In this class I am giving you a method, ideas and links to tools you can use to build your online presence including your website.

This is a quick check-list for your website, you can use it as a guideline if you are in the process of building one or you can check that list against your website of you already have one .

Here is the excerpt from the class:

Now that your website is online, time for a quick check. Look at the following list and see if you need to make some improvements on your website.

sell your art online social media for artists website checklist
  • Is your website uncluttered? Is the Art the star of the website or are visitors distracted by the design? Are there too many things going on or is it simple?
  • Are the pictures good quality pictures?
  • Can visitors easily navigate through your galleries?
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Is the design responsive (Can you re-size the window and it will re-size the website) so it can look good on any size of computer screen?
  • Is your website looking good on mobile platforms (cell phones and tablets)?
  • Can people contact you easily?
  • Do you give links to your social media profiles?
  • Can people know easily who you are and what you do?
  • If you have a blog, do you have a link to your blog?
  • Do you have a sign up form for your mailing list on your website? (more about that in the unit about mailing list)
  • Do you have a free gift you can give as an incentive for people to sign up to your mailing list? (more about that in the unit about mailing list)

If you have a store:

  • Can people buy easily in a few clicks of a mouse or is the process complicated?
  • Are the prices easy to see?
  • Do you have clear information about shipping fees and return policy?
  • On each sale page do you have all the info about the art (medium, size, support…) as well as different pictures (front, sides, back of the painting, close-up of details…)?

In the later units you will also learn how to add an incentive for people to sign up to your mailing list:

Is there anything you would like to add to this list? What do you think is essential to an artist website?