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Black on White and White on Black paintings on ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Black on White and White on Black

Once in a while, I enjoy working in black and white.

You might also enjoy the simplicity, contemporary look and heighten impact of paintings and drawings made in black and white

I am working with black ink, usually Indian ink on a white canvas for the landscapes or on white paper or yupo paper for figure drawings.


Recently I have been experimenting with a different approach. Instead of drawing with black pigments on a white background. I am drawing with white fluid acrylic on a black background.

I like this technique because it forces you to think differently and add more paint on the lighter areas instead of the usual techniques, like watercolor techniques, where you add more paint on the darker areas. I guess it is a way of working that is a bit similar to scratching board techniques where you scratch the black off the board to make white appear.

I recently completed a few forest paintings using only white fluid acrylic on a black background.

If you want to try these techniques, you can start by painting your whole canvas with black acrylic.

For this painting I worked in a series of parallel lines to lighten the background and I left the tree black.

It took quite some time to complete the painting.

I used a dipping pen and Golden high flow acrylic paint.

The finished painting: TimeLines

In this other example, I did draw the light areas by scribbling with the dipping pen and ink.

Scribbling with white ink on the black canvas.

The finished painting: Raveled

(Click on any picture to see a larger version)

Feel free to share pictures of your black on white or white on black paintings in the comments.

Black on White and White on Black
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