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No phone selfie, part of culture days 2016

Culture Days 2016 : The No-Phone Selfie

This year for Culture Days Sophie Babeanu and I did have a fun activity where participants were drawing a selfie, the old fashion way 🙂 That is without a cell phone.

Culture Days is a weekend of free activities that are happening all over Canada, this year it was on October 1st and 2nd.

Using a mirror and washable felts, you can draw directly on the mirror and transfer that drawing to a damp paper.

This activity is also part of our creative well being class.

Here are the steps to make a No Phone Selfie:

  • Draw the outlines of your face and your features directly on the mirror with washable felts
  • You might need to close one eye , then the other to see better what you are drawing on the mirror.
  • Spray a paper that is the size of your mirror (printer paper will work) with water. You can experiment with different degrees of dampness for various effects. I find it works best when you spray the paper and remove excess water with a tissue paper.
  • Apply your paper on the mirror and press with your hand being careful not to break the mirror
  • Let your portrait dry, you can add more details and colors once it is dry.


Check out all the portraits our visitors made on the gallery here



And here is a video made by the North Vancouver Recreation & Culture, where you can see glimpses of our activity in the studio.


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