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distressed graphite cards

Fun drawing exercise : Distressed Graphite Postcards

Summer is a great time to be experimenting with fun drawing exercise on postcards sized paintings or drawings. The advantage of this project is that anyone can do it, adults and kids alike and that it doesn’t take much time, plus you can always send a card with a drawing of a place you are visiting by snail mail, it doesn’t happen very often anymore so it will be a nice gesture.


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fun drawing exercise distressed graphite postcards


To make these distressed graphite cards, you will need:

  • A very soft graphite, I used a 9B Derwent pencil
  • A white eraser
  • Card-stock paper

supplies you will need


You can either draw a scene like a landscape, plants… or draw an abstract design.

fun drawing activity

You can draw a scene at home.

You can draw plants- learn how to draw

You can draw plants

draw a mandala for a postcard

Or you can draw abstract designs, here a “mandala inspired design”

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graphite mandala

This is a fun drawing exercise that you can enjoy as a family.

simple drawing exercise

simple drawing activity

This technique will work better if you make the outlines of what you draw very dark, you cam go over them a few times. You can also color in a few areas.

When you are done with the drawing, take the eraser and move it on the surface of the drawing. Here you are not trying to erase lines so much as to smudge lines on the surface of the drawing, so it will work better if you are using a light hand. Some lines will be smudged and some lines will be erased, it will all blend together.

easy drawing exercise

You can decide to erase with straight lines or curved lines and can experiment with both styles.

When you are done, you can erase a bit around the edges of the card to make it look cleaner, and outline or not along that clean edge.

easy drawing activity

I just erased along the edges without outlining.

make you own postcards

Or outline along that clean edge.

distressed graphite postcards

have fun drawing distressed graphite postcards

Fun drawing exercise : Distressed Graphite Postcards
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