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Painting a rainy cityscape with watercolors on paintingdemos.com

Splashing Water on a Watercolor cityscape : Early this morning

Splashing water on a cityscape can add a nice look and feel to it.

After reading about artist Tim Saternow in the Winter 2012 issue of American Artist Watercolor magazine, I really liked his cityscapes and wanted to try adding drips on my watercolors.

Watercolor is a very technical and precise medium and I have a tendency to get very controlling with it and I though adding drips afterwards might be a good way to loosen up a bit. I will try that same technique on a watercolor portrait see how it works.

How to paint a “splashed” cityscape in watercolor and mixed media

Here are a few pictures of the painting in progress.

step by step watercolor cityscape painting tutorial

Start by transferring your drawing to your watercolor paper.

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Then you can preserve a few white areas with masking fluid. In that cityscape I started by an under painting with mostly yellow ocher and a bit of green

step by step watercolor cityscape painting tutorial

Then I added dark grays to the picture and define a few windows with washes.

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removing masking fluid and softening edges

When you are done with the big washes, you can take off the masking fluid and soften a few edges with water and a stiff brush. I also added a few darker areas to increase contrast. At this stage you can use watercolor pencils to add details as the colors you add with the pencils will move more than the painted colors when you later splash the painting with water.

free cityscape painting lesson

I add more definition, mostly to the cars in the foreground and painted a few bright colors for the red lights and street lights.

splashing water on watercolor paintings

Next step is the fun part, splash water either with a spray or a dropper or your hands and let it soak in the paper,moving the paint around.

Early this morning- Watercolor on paper

If the water made some stains that you don’t want to keep, you can always take them off with a stiff brush and water.

This is the finished painting, Early this morning, watercolor and mixed media on paper, 15 x 22 inches.