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Fun mixed media technique with watercolor crayons, pastels and watercolor.

mixed media painting technique

Watercolor and pastels on paper


This is a fun mixed media technique to try,. I am sure kids would love it as well and I think it is a good exercise to loosen up your painting style as well.


You will need:

  • Watercolor paper, 300 lb will work best but 140 lb will work as well if stretched.
  • A reference picture
  • Watercolor crayons
  • Water spray bottle
  • a few dry pastels
  • watercolor
  • a few brushes

Here are the steps you can take to try this mixed media technique:

drawing on watercolor paper

Start by drawing an outline of your flower, the drawing doesn’t have to be very precise.

coloring with watercolor crayons

Then start coloring the different areas of your painting with the watercolor crayons. You can mix several colors in some areas to mix any color you want.

spraying paper with water

When all the painting has been colored, it is time to spray the paper with water.

interesting textures and colors

Once the paper has dried, this will give you a “ghost image” with interesting textures and colors.

 adding white highlights and more colors.

Next, start redefining this “ghost image” with pastels, adding white highlights and more colors.

add more layers or watercolor.

It is also possible to add more layers or watercolor, here some shades and the green in the background

mixed media painting technique

The finished painting: Watercolor and pastels on paper

Have you tried mixing pastels and watercolors? What is your favorite way of adding pastels to your watercolors?

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  • Barbara Tibbets November 8, 2013, 7:59 am

    Nice demo! Love the ghosty images.
    I’m just starting to use pastels in watercolor paint. Check out my blog, where I posted today on the subject. Catherine Gill does this mixed medium and it’s really fun to work with.

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