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Painting flowers in mixed media from imagination, step by step demo by Sandrine Pelissier

How to paint Acrylic Flowers on board : In Glasgow

Painting Acrylic flowers on board with mixed media is a bit different than painting on canvas, if you want to start on a white surface you will have to apply either gesso or acrylic on the board. I find it easier to start from an abstract background when painting from imagination so after the first layer of gesso I did paint an abstract background with ink and fluid acrylic.

Here is how you can paint Acrylic flowers on board.

You will need:

  • A cradled panel board, I used a 12 x 12 inches Gotrick’s panel
  • Gesso, I used the Liquitex basics brand
  • White Acrylic, I used the Opus brand
  • Fluid Acrylics, I used a selection of FW brand
  • Ink, I used Speedball in Teal green
  • A selection of brushes
  • Pen
  • Graphite pencil
  • Varnish to finish

How to prepare the wood surface before painting

prepare the wood surface for painting

Apply a generous layer of gesso with a large brush on the wood and leave to dry.

Texture from your brushstrokes will show on the painting

Texture from your brushstrokes will show on the painting, it doesn’t bother me as I like it to be part of the painting texture.

Gesso is a bit more absorbent than canvas or yupo paper

Gesso is a bit more absorbent than canvas or yupo paper so you have to work a bit faster so the paint doesn’t dry before you are done. Here I added a few drops of fluid acrylic and Ink.

mixing acrylic inks wet into wet

and did spread them with a brush on the surface, often I will also use my fingers at that stage.

adding visual texture with alcohol on top of an acrylic ink washSprinkling a few drops of alcohol will add blooming textures to your background.

adding visual texture with alcohol on acrylic

Here is how it looks wet.

Let the acrylic paint dry

And here is how it looks dry, the texture became more subtle.

adding red acrylic ink

I want a bit more of a reddish color to start so I will paint a red wash of fluid acrylic ink.

acrylic ink on gessoed board

painting a red ink wash

alcohol visual texture on acrylic wash

I am also adding a few drips of alcohol on that layer.

abstract background

The panel now looks like that, now I want a bit more light.

light white ink wash

so I am adding a bit of white ink with a light wash.

final abstract background

This is how the abstract background looks when dry, it is going to be the basis for painting the flowers from imagination.

Painting acrylic flowers on board from imagination.

outlining shapes for negative painting

The first step is looking at the abstract shapes and trying to see shapes that you like, then outline those shapes with a graphite pencil or nupastel.

your composition can look a bit wonki

They don’t have to look perfect, as it is even better if they look a bit wonky.

painting the negative space with white acrylic

Then select a few brushes to paint the negative space,that is everything around the shapes you outlines. You want a smaller brush for details and a bigger brush for larger areas.

painting the negative space with white acrylic

Paint everything except the shapes you want to keep. I am using white but you could select a different color.

negative space has been painted

This is how the painting looks like after the negative space has been painted.

painting over acrylic with mixed media

Then you can paint over some areas with fluid acrylic, ink or watercolor.

glazing paint over acrylic

Here I am painting over the vase.

adding a bit of color variety

glazing paint

It is good sometimes to stop and change your mind. Here I decide to go for a greener shade on the vase.

the vase has been glazed

adding designs with a dipping pen and ink

Then you can start adding designs with the pen dipped in fluid acrylic or ink, you could also use markers.

drawing designs on leaves

Board is not the best surface to use the pen as the texture gets a bit in the way but it is still manageable.

using a pen with acrylic ink

You can switch colors, I usually use the same colors I used to paint my background.

Drawing straight lines with an ink pen

gris based design

leaves patterns

whimsical designs

you can use any color ink with a dipping pen

working on a background

At that point I decide to re-work a bit the background.

light wash of orange acrylic

So I am preparing a very  light wash with my orange fluid acrylic.

painting over the white acrylic on the background.

and am painting over the white acrylic on the background.Then another layer of white.

Then another layer of white.

wheel pattern with pen and ink

Keep on adding designs until you are satisfied with the result.

keep adding patterns on your flower painting from imagination

The when you are done, finish with a layer of varnish.

Mixed media painting from imagination on board

In Glasgow

Mixed media on board

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How to paint Acrylic Flowers on board : In Glasgow
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