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Layering acrylics for interesting edges by Sandrine Pelissier on ARTiful, painting demos

Exhibition, step by step acrylic painting tutorial

drawing with charcoal on canvas

My charcoal drawing on the canvas, made from a picture my daughter took.

painting contrasting colors

Here, my first layer of black. I am trying to paint with colors that are in contrast with the local colors.

painting contrasting colors

Painting more contrasting colors.

interior art painting step by step demonstration

All this layering will help making colors more complex at the end and having interesting and contrasting edges.

interior art painting step by step demonstration

Here I start another phase of layering, with colors I found in undertones of the local colors.

acrylic painting demo , layering colors

For example some of the light on the ceiling have blue undertones.

acrylic painting demo , layering colors

Here I start to apply local colors.

glazing acrylic and medium

I keep them semi-transparent by adding medium so some of the layering underneath is still visible.

final adjustements

Adjusting local colors and correcting some of the figure shapes.

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acrylic on canvas painting tutorial

Exhibition, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 inches