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Painting portraits from reference pictures, what to watch for?

Working from life when painting portraits is always the best solution, but it is not always convenient or possible, especially if working with children!Working from a reference picture is the next best thing but you will get better results if you know what to look for in your reference pictures. Here is a list of things […] Read more

distressed graphite cards

Summer is a great time to be experimenting with fun drawing exercise on postcards sized paintings or drawings. The advantage of this project is that anyone can do it, adults and kids alike and that it doesn’t take much time, plus you can always send a card with a drawing of a place you are […] Read more

Preparatory Sketches, what are they for ? by Sandrine Pelissier on ARTiful, painting demos

I used to be very impatient and rush to paint, I so wanted to have fun with the paint that I was skipping the preparatory sketches phase. As I am getting more experienced, I now realize the virtue of not rushing. I also understood that the earliest mistakes are also the most difficult to fix. […] Read more

imitation and inspiration for artists

This is a very common question that arises frequently in many creative domains including Visual Arts. We all heard about lawsuits for popular songs, books, movie scenarios etc… And recently we also heard a lot about Richard Prince and his appropriation of other people Instagram pictures for his exhibition at Frieze New York. If you are not […] Read more

Drawing tips basic proportions of the face

Learn the basic proportions of the face I have been going to weekly life drawing classes for three years now. I am very happy I am making some progress and I am also still learning and sometimes struggle with proportions. I find it helpful when drawing a portrait to have some rough guidelines for the location of  important landmarks on […] Read more

Add impact to your paintings with India ink

Color is fun and I love color but you can also give impact to your paintings by working in black and white. When working in black and white, I like to use India Ink as it has many advantages: It is very fluid and the black you get is very intenseYou can use the same techniques […] Read more

Find inspiration close to home on ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

I like to think that everything we like to do in our everyday lives is going to influence more or less what we create and what we paint. Your day to day life and interests can be an interesting source of inspiration, sometimes in a conscious way sometimes we just realize the influence of our experiences afterwards. Here are a few […] Read more

Drawing with a grid

Artists might work from imagination or from reference pictures, sometimes mixing a bit of both. When working from a reference picture, you might need to scale your drawing so it fits on your canvas and you have a few options to do that: You can use a projectorYou can print a full size version of your picture and trace […] Read more