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how to draw designs with a dipping pen and ink

Using a dipping pen and ink to add patterns to your artwork can seem a bit intimidating at first but it is very easy to draw with a pen and it has many advantages. You might also be interested in: Landscape Watercolor painting with zentangles : Rainforest Imagery I like to add patterns in my works. […] Read more

Not sure? How to try ideas before painting on ARTiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Hooked on Trees, Acrylic on Canvas For artists, the process of painting can be seen as a cascade of decisions. The decisions start with what to paint on what support and with what medium. Then you have to make a decision for each brushstroke, each color, each correction. The cascade of decisions ends up basically with […] Read more

how to mount yupo paper on board

If you don’t like framing but like to paint on yupo paper, you might be interested in this technique, it allows you to mount yupo paper on board and display your yupo paintings without frames. You might also be interested in: Mounting a Watercolor painting on board. Original SOLD, buy prints here Here is how […] Read more

Painting flowers in mixed media from imagination, step by step demo by Sandrine Pelissier

Painting Acrylic flowers on board with mixed media is a bit different than painting on canvas, if you want to start on a white surface you will have to apply either gesso or acrylic on the board. I find it easier to start from an abstract background when painting from imagination so after the first […] Read more

Painting flowers in mixed media

I did paint a series of three watercolor and mixed media flowers on yupo paper for the anonymous Art show. They are painted on Yupo paper mounted on board. Here are some pictures of the steps I took. The Anonymous Art Show is a yearly event organized by the North Vancouver Community Arts Council. Here are […] Read more

what are the advantages of working in series on ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

I recently worked on a series of 8 12 x 12 inches flower paintings in mixed media, simultaneously, switching from one painting to the next until they were all done, that was the biggest series I  ever worked on. I did find that there were many advantages working in series, as it is a very efficient […] Read more

Everyone loves the attention when you take the time and effort to make Christmas cards or gifts by hand . Here are ideas for hand made Christmas greeting cards inspired by zentangle and mandala patterns. These cards can also be used as gift tags and don’t require much supplies: all you need is a blank card, one […] Read more

paint flowers from imagination with fluid acrylic on yupo paper

Orange Blossoms Prints and cards available here Yupo paper is fun to try with watercolor and ink as the paint will make very interesting textures while drying on that type of paper, that makes it ideal to start a painting with an abstract background. You can paint directly on the Yupo paper or mount it […] Read more