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pushing your limits as an artist

I am selling a few online classes on this blog and 2 of them (26 weeks of inspiration and training and 12 weeks of drawing explorations) are built around assignments and  feedback I give to artists. The way it works is participants fill out a form at the end of each assignment and they share […] Read more

Life drawing, art, nudity and culture

I was born and raised in France and have been living in North America for the last 20 years. At first, I could see many obvious cultural differences, in particular with the relation towards food (quantities are smaller in Europe) or with politeness (Canadians are definitely more polite than French people :) )but as time […] Read more

Stretching mini linoprints on canvas

Recently I have been printing some of my linocuts on canvas, with the idea of stretching it and varnishing it later so it looks like a small painting. You can buy ink from Speedball that is specifically designed to print on fabric. The design has been printed on canvas. They will need to dry for […] Read more

how to deal with a copycat

This scenario happened to most professional artists: You spend years developing a style, technique and a subject matter that is uniquely yours. You get to that point after lots of questioning on the meaning of your art and why you make the art that you make . You then spend a lot of time and […] Read more

Testing alternatives carving materials for lino printing

I think I am officially addicted to lino printing ! As surfaces to carve can become quite costly and as I am thinking of working on bigger scale prints., I have been looking for alternative materials to use for carving and printing. You might also be interested in : Getting started with Linocut printing How […] Read more

why should artists go to a life drawing class

I have been co-organizing life drawing classes in North Vancouver for the last 5 years and it is becoming an important part of my art practice. The more I draw, the more I think that taking the time and and effort to learn to draw is beneficial to all artists, even if you are not […] Read more

painting over varnished paper

I am doing a lot of work on paper and like experimenting with techniques that are modifying a bit the texture and water resistance qualities of the paper. You might also like:A yupo paper alternative for life drawings: Gel medium on regular paper. This time I experimented with applying varnish over a drawing I made […] Read more

are you painting to impress or to express

Once in a while you stumble upon a book where reading is almost like listening to your own voice, only more elegantly formulated and without an accent:) I recently read Nick Meglin “Drawing from within” and found it one of the best book on drawing I had ever read. It is not a book that […] Read more