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why should artists go to a life drawing class

I have been co-organizing life drawing classes in North Vancouver for the last 5 years and it is becoming an important part of my art practice. The more I draw, the more I think that taking the time and and effort to learn to draw is beneficial to all artists, even if you are not […] Read more

painting over varnished paper

I am doing a lot of work on paper and like experimenting with techniques that are modifying a bit the texture and water resistance qualities of the paper. You might also like:A yupo paper alternative for life drawings: Gel medium on regular paper. This time I experimented with applying varnish over a drawing I made […] Read more

are you painting to impress or to express

Once in a while you stumble upon a book where reading is almost like listening to your own voice, only more elegantly formulated and without an accent:) I recently read Nick Meglin “Drawing from within” and found it one of the best book on drawing I had ever read. It is not a book that […] Read more

8 most popular posts of all time

I have been writing posts since April 2010 on this blog, I was surprised as it did not seem that long ! Anyways this is the 8 years anniversary for paintingdemos.com !! Time flies… So I thought it would be fitting for the 8th anniversary to share the 8 most popular posts of all time: […] Read more

life drawings with mixed media

I like to take my time when I draw but during the 20 minutes poses we do in class, I sometimes have enough time to work a bit on shading like in the following drawings So, I like to rework some of the life drawings I did in class, when I can take all the […] Read more

update on the big picture art project

If you are receiving my newsletter or are familiar with this blog, you probably already heard of The Big Picture Art Project :) It is an exciting collective art project launched a few months ago by Sophie Babeanu (http://www.expressiveartsvancouver.com/) and I. In this project, people in our local area and around the world are collaborating to […] Read more

How to hand print by hand lino cut linocut

As I learned quite fast, printing from linocut or woodcuts is all but quick and straightforward ! You might also be interested in :Getting started with Linocut printing I was getting frustrated at the beginning because so many of my prints were not printed well enough and I had to throw away many bad prints […] Read more

Cross hatching is a classic shading technique in drawing. You might also be interested in :6 shading techniques for your drawings If you like doodling away for hours, you might also like adding intense cross hatching to your drawings, building shade progressively layer by layer, as the process is quite relaxing and very similar to […] Read more