Inspired to Share

This class has given me room to grow. Sandrine Pelissier offers creative ideas and supportive information. How students apply their creativity is purely individual choice. The great variety of creative works that emerge from each week is testament to that. This open ended method tickles the imagination. Sandrine’s feedback, when requested, is always gentle and helpful. She doesn’t shy from making suggestions, but, always offers positive encouragement as well. About 10 weeks into the course, I found I’d developed enough confidence in some of the work I was creating to take an opportunity to show at a local gallery. That led to taking advantage of another benefit of this course. I had to stop what I was working on in week 12 to tend to matting, mounting and framing. Because the “26 weeks” course is open to students for 52 weeks, I knew I could go back and pick up week 12 in a couple of weeks and continue enjoying all the remaining weeks. So, as the title notes I’ve been “inspired to share” my good experiences with this class and to share my work with others through a local gallery.