I love the feeling I get from this course

I am a beginner in the exploration of my artistic abilities and stumbled upon 26 Weeks of Inspiration by Sandrine Pelissier. I had recently bought her book and so decided to take the course. I love the feeling I get from this course for the following reasons:
1. It is self-paced. Plenty of time to absorb the context of each lesson.
2. Each weeks lesson is well documented and offers the step to step instructions I need.
3. Each lesson offers inspiration from a variety of other artists on the concept presented.
4. Feedback is provided if you so wish.
5. The feedback is gentle, but constructive which as a beginner I so appreciate. It makes me want to meet Sandrine in person and take her for coffee because she sounds so cool.
6. I am trying things I never would have discovered on my own, such as ink resist, yupo paper and adding doodles to your art work.
I am only on week 15 and I have so enjoyed this class. Because of this happy experience I will consider taking the next class Creative Well Being. Thank-you so much Sandrine for offering this positive opportunity to move forward with my artistic journey.