Update on the Big Picture Art Project

update on the big picture art project
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Update on the Big Picture Art Project

If you are receiving my newsletter or are familiar with this blog, you probably already heard of The Big Picture Art Project 🙂

It is an exciting collective art project launched a few months ago by Sophie Babeanu ( and I.

In this project, people in our local area and around the world are collaborating to create a big mosaic picture from thousands of drawings and stories.

Here is a short video that explains the concept:

We would love to have your drawings in the Big Picture Art Project! So if you did not participate yet,  you can do so here

Here is what has been happening with the Big Picture in the last months:

  • Sponsors and giveaways

We are very happy to have The Artist Network, Imagination International (Copic markers), Strathmore papers and Speedball as our sponsors. This allows us to organize bi-monthly giveaways of art supplies to the most interesting contributions. The next giveaway will happen on May 15th, all participants are automatically entered.

  • The Big Picture reached its first milestone of 1000 uploads a few months ago

We are very happy to have had participants from more than 50 countries.

participate int he big picture art project are from all over the world
This is the participant maps at the time of the one thousand’s upload.
  • Media coverage

participants in the Big Picture collective art project
Sandrine Lejeune is featured in our local newspaper as she was drawing a No-phone selfie for the Big Picture

Monia Blanchet shot a video of Sandrine in her studio for the French television of Radio Canada British Columbia .

Sophie and Sandrine spoke on the French radio CBC radio Canada

Sandrine pelissier and Sophie Babeanu on the french radio

We have been in our local newspaper, the North Shore News: Read the article here

  • Community outreach

We have been invited and organized a few activities in North Vancouver to get people to draw and participate in the project.


  • Collaborations with teachers

On our website we published resources for artists and instructors as we strongly encourage them to use the Big Picture as a spring board for a class or workshop.

If you are a teacher or know one, we welcome your participation!

See all our resources for teachers and instructors here

 Catherine Schechter ‘s lesson plan:

Click here to download : Art Twig and Ink Landscape Lesson for the Big Picture Project

Catherine Schechter North Vancouver art teacher

Catherine is a teacher with North Vancouver School District 44, North Vancouver, and an art teacher with Artists For Kids. She holds a Bachelor of Education from The University of British Columbia and a Fine Arts Diploma from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She also studied Studio Fine Arts at The University of Alberta and Mount Alison University. Catherine received an Excellence in Teaching award, Intermediate level, from the BC Art Teachers Association in 2015


 Erica Weiss ‘ class notes for her art class with high school students

Click here to download Erica Weiss class notes

Erica is an art teacher at Bodwell High School in North Vancouver. She holds an Honours degree in History in Art from the University of Victoria, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. In 2016, she completed her Master’s degree in Art Education from the University of Victoria. She enjoys painting with oil and acrylic, and you view her paintings at

  • New ideas of techniques you can use to take part of the project

If you are looking for inspiration, we shared a page with lots of resources that can give you ideas to participate in the project

participate in our collective art project

Ready to participate ? We would love your drawings and stories in the Big Picture. Click here to be part of something big!

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  1. Pam Schneider

    I uploaded a drawing more than a year ago but haven’t seen the completion of this project-the trees. Am wondering if it was completed now? My #12/-2.1967/33.3105 It’s my friend w/wings holding her pet pigeon(dove)
    Thank you for a reply

    1. Hello Pam, the project is still going on but we can’t say when it is going to be finished because we don’t control participation.

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