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Working in series : what are the advantages ?

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I started this series of drawings with the idea of using them for a Calendar, so I had to make at least 12 of them. I actually made more but didn’t like some of them. The goal of having to draw a certain number pushed me to work more efficiently and consistently on the same subject : Artists Portraits.

Working in series : what are the advantages ?

If you look at most artists work you have a high probability of finding one or more series on a particular subject or in a particular style. Here are a few reasons why working in series might be interesting for your work :

  • Explore an idea, subject or even a style, the same subject with a different light ( Claude Monet’s haystacks or Notre Dame series) or the same subject over time (Rembrandt auto portraits).
  • Develop a style of your own.
  • Make a body of work with consistent style, that could be used for an exhibition, or be in your portfolio.
  • Start one piece where you left with the precedent to see progression in your work or improvement in your technique.
  • It’s easier to see what you have learned along the way with a common subject.
  • Because your series will have some points in common, it is more easy to try something new and decide if you like it.
  • Making you realize what is important for you in a particular subject. What do the pieces of the series have in common?
  • Making it more easy to work on several paintings at the same time.
  • Paint something you really like, explore an obsession.

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