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Step by step: How to paint mixed media flowers from imagination

In this class, you will learn all the steps in detail to paint a mixed media flower painting from your imagination. We will start from an abstract background in watercolor or liquid acrylic, then work intuitively from there.

Supplies list:
-Canvas or board if you want to work on yupo paper mounted on board. (I recommend a square size of about 12 x 12 inches to start with)
-Liquid acrylic paints, or inks or watercolor
-Markers or dipping pen and ink
- Nupastel in a dark color or graphite
- Rubbing or isopropyl Alcohol
- White acrylic
- optional: Markers, crayons, colored pencils, pastels....
- Krylon workable fixative
-A few brushes

If you are going to mount the yupo paper on board, you will also need extra heavy gel medium and a spatula or stiff brush.

Module 1 Getting ready
Unit 1 Congratulations! and welcome to this online class: Painting flowers in mixed media from imagination  
Unit 2 Mounting Yupo paper on board  
Module 2 Paint an abstract background
Unit 1 Let's start! Painting an abstract background  
Module 3 What do you see?
Unit 1 Looking for shapes in your abstract background  
Unit 2 Painting the negative space  
Unit 3 Adding a bit of color variation  
Module 4 Building complexity layer by layer
Unit 1 Adding patterns with mixed media  
Module 5 Finishing the painting
Unit 1 Finishing your painting  
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