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Sketchbook inspirations by Sandrine Lisper on ARTiful, painting demos

Sketchbook inspirations

If you are like me, you might be intimidated by sketchbooks, especially when they are new. Who knows you might get a new sketchbook for Christmas :)Actually the more beautiful they are, the more intimidating it is to start drawing on those blank pages.

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I am getting better at filling my sketchbooks since I let go of the idea of having only successful beautiful drawings in there, I leave space for experimentation, mistakes and just ugly drawings 🙂

Here are a few ideas of what you can fill your sketchbooks with.

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

Draw geometric shapes or repetitive patterns

This might be one of the easier way to start filling out your sketchbook, and it is also a very creative way to relax.

Draw what is close to you

It does not have to be anything special, just random objects around you.

Draw people around you

People on the ferry or the bus, your family when they sleep or are watching tv…

Go to a life drawing class

If you feel uneasy drawing people in public, then a life drawing class might be the solution.

Draw the room you are in or the view from your room

I like to do that on vacation, it is amazing how looking at a drawing makes me remember well some details, even better than a picture sometimes.

Try on ideas for upcoming paintings

A sketchbook is a great place to experiment with designs ideas for future paintings

And just for fun, this is a drawing by my son on vacation when we asked him to draw something cheerful for a change 🙂



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