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The first time I experienced an infinity room was on the way to my dentist in North Vancouver, in the elevator. The elevator wall and ceiling are covered in mirrors, you see yourself and anyone else in the elevator repeated indefinitely in that space.

I am quite excited about this new Instagram channel I launched and would welcome ideas of subjects I could illustrate if you would like to contribute. The project is called Kilos of feathers and is an illustrated thoughts journal with a feminist perspective, published on Instagram.⁠⠀⠀⁠⠀I want to give a snapshot of the current situation, […] Read more

the Cinderella narrative

Narratives are important in any culture, in particular stories we hear as children because they tell us what we should expect of life and how far we can dream. They also warn us of potential dangers and how to escape them. This is why representing a diversity (gender, race, age…) of leading characters in movies […] Read more

I consider myself an artist and a woman with a feminist sensibility. I also enjoy very much figurative works and working with models in life drawing classes but recently I have been thinking more about life drawing in the more general context of women’s representation, objectification and our relation to women’s bodies. As I was saying, […] Read more

How to remove old pictures of your art from Google

Many people, including me, will do a Google image search when they look up an artist online. As an artist, you will probably want the pictures showing on this search to reflect accurately what you do. If you have been painting for a long time, searching your name on Google image search might show images […] Read more

When relief printing with multiple colors, you basically have 2 options: Carve a plate for each colorUse the same plate that you carve and print with each color. I have done multiple plates-multiples colors prints like this one: but wanted to try a reduction print. I started with a 3 colors print, inspired by this […] Read more

painting over life drawings with mixed media

I don’t know about you but time seems to fly when I am in life drawing class and I have only so much time to draw contours and shade, it is difficult to also add paint. You might also like: https://paintingdemos.com/5-techniques-to-make-your-life-drawing-class-fun/ A while ago, I wrote a post about a technique I like to use when […] Read more

diy Christmas cards

We don’t send much snail mail anymore but Christmas is still an exception for me and I like receiving personalized Christmas cards, it is even better is they are handmade ! I work a lot with lino printing and wanted to explore block patterning made with lino for this year’s cards. To make the cards […] Read more