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An alternative to yupo paper – part 2: Painting a still life

In a recent post I was showing a technique I really enjoy, it allows you to make regular drawing paper water-resistant and behave a bit like yupo paper.

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This technique has many advantages, first of all yupo paper is not easily available everywhere, and can be a bit costly, secondly painting over your paper with gel medium makes it more resistant and allows you to correct mistakes way more easily when painting with watercolors.

Here is how you can do it:


Start by making a drawing on your drawing paper. When I was drawing a figure in the last demonstration, I was focusing more on the areas of light and shade.Here the drawing is very complex with lots of details so I am mostly making a contour drawing.


Keep working on your drawing until you are satisfied with the result.


You can draw from life or from a picture, here I brought the flowers to the studio.


When your drawing is done, apply a generous amount of liquid gel medium on your paper


And spread it with a soft brush. Some brush marks might be visible when the medium has dried, it makes a nice effect as the watercolor will accumulate in those ridges.


Let dry and prepare your watercolor palette.


When the gel had time to dry completely, you can start painting with watercolors. You will see that the paint behave a bit like it does on yupo paper.


Mixing colors wet into wet will give interesting results.


If you make a mistake, just lift off the paint with a tissue paper.


Everyone has its own style but I recommend you don’t try to be too exact or too perfect, this technique works well when the style is a bit loose.


You can add splatters by shaking your brush over the painting.



If you need to add details, you can wait for the paint to dry.


And then add the details afterwards.

I published this post a few weeks ago, it is about making an alternative to yupo paper by painting gel medium over paper: Link in profile: I just tried it today on a landscape a portrait and a still life, That works great too. I will published pictures of the process in an upcoming post. #flowers #yvrart #yvr #vancouver #vancity #northvancouver #northvan #paintingoftheday #femaleartist #artoninstagram #artonpaper #yupo #yupopaper

The finished painting.


Questions? Ask them in the comment section and I will be happy to answer.


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