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Ideas for sketching at home

ideas for sketching at home on ARTiful, panting demos
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Ideas for sketching at home

Sketching at home is a very convenient and stress free way to get you started on drawing. Ideally I am trying to sketch for 15 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week. If you try to do that, you will see your drawing skills improving quite fast.

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Here are some ideas of what you can sketch at home:

Sketch what is around you

sketch what is around you, like the room you are sitting in

I recommend you try to use a pen/ink/felt/marker instead of a pencil, it will force you to keep on drawing even when the drawing is imperfect and not stop to erase constantly. It is too tempting when working in pencil to erase a lot of what could stay in your drawing.

Also the more I draw, the more I think that it is actually the small “mistakes” we keep on making that are making our drawings unique:)

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Sketch your family when they are watching TV

That might be the only opportunity you have of them not moving too much, especially if you have kids 🙂 I have lots of sketches of my kids on the couch watching TV or looking at their cell phones.

Sketch your pets when they are taking a nap

I love to do that ! They are so cute when they are sleeping 🙂

Practice drawing hands and feet

The more you practice drawing hands and feet, the easier it gets! Draw tons of hands and feet and you will see that they are no more trouble 🙂

Draw the characters while watching a TV show

This is tricky as actors usually won’t stand still very long but it is quite fun to try !

I think I would do a better job with a reference picture than an actor moving in a show but it is good training if you want to try sketching outside, like people at a coffee or a restaurant.

Use the website: Line of Action

You can find this wonderful website here. If your TV is equipped with a Chromecast, you can even cast the models on your TV.

They have a selection of figure drawing, animal drawing, hands and feet and Faces and expression drawings. For the figure drawing, you can even choose naked or clothed models, so when my kids are in the room, I can choose the clothed models option.

Faces and Expression drawings from the website Line of Action

Clothed models from the website Line of Action

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