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dress up illustrations

Dress up illustrations

is there a problem (1)

Can there be such a thing as a feminist nude?

reduction print

Trying a reduction print


Painting over life drawings with mixed media

printing with an antique copy press

Printing with a copy press

about women representation in art

About women representation in Art

4 versions of the same linoprint by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier

1 linoprint – 9 plates- 4 versions

Life drawing, art, nudity and culture

Life drawing, art, nudity and culture

why should artists go to a life drawing class

7 lessons learned in life drawing class

painting over varnished paper

Painting over varnished paper

are you painting to impress or to express

Are you making art to impress or to express ?

life drawings

Organized chaos : Reworking life drawings in mixed media

How to hand print by hand lino cut linocut

How to hand print linocuts

getting started with linoprints

Getting started with Linocut printing

loosen up your pen and ink portraits by Sandrine Pelissier

loosen up your ink portraits

in between drawing and painting

Between Drawing and Painting – part 2

between drawing and painting

Between Drawing and Painting – Part 1

watercolor pencils monoprints

Watercolor Pencils Monoprints


How to make mini 6 pages books from one sheet of paper


6 shading techniques for your drawings

ideas for sketching at home on ARTiful, panting demos

Ideas for sketching at home

louise selective coloring small

Add impact to your drawings with selective coloring


5 fun summer art activities to try for yourself or with your kids or grand-kids


Paint that you can erase?

Easy monoprint technique on ARTiful, painting demos

Easy monoprint technique

The perfection of imperfection (1)

The perfection of imperfection


One drawing 7 versions

travel sketching 2

Travel Sketching basic supplies and techniques for beginners


watercolor and pen figure drawing


Dry brushing for mixed media portraits

Paintingover life drawings with Indian Ink part 2 on Artiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Painting over Life drawings with Indian ink – part 2


Charcoal portrait on paper step by step : Beehive

Painting-over-your-drawings-with-India-ink- 600

Painting with India Ink over life drawings


Fun and easy : Scribble drawings

sketchbook experiment

Sketchbook inspiration | What to draw in a sketchbook

Painting over life drawings with acrylic and watercolor pencils on ARTiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Painting over Life drawings with Acrylic and Watercolor Pencils

No phone selfie, part of culture days 2016

Culture Days 2016 : The No-Phone Selfie

ink resist (1)

Ink Resist Technique, a video tutorial


A Yupo paper alternative part 2: Painting a still life

prepare you paper before painting with watercolor or oil pastels

Clear gesso or gel medium for making your life drawings paper waterproof?

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A Mixed Media Treasury of Techniques and Ideas

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