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2015: A year of blogging in Review

Step by step demonstrations

2015: A year of blogging in Review

2015 was a busy year, with 25 new posts published on the blog,  about 498,000 pages views and 224,000 visitors.

Painting demos was most popular in the states and Canada. The busiest day was November 2 with 4,435 views and the busiest month was November with a bit more than 62,000 views.


The ten most popular posts in 2015  were:

How to paint flowers with mixed media on yupo paper : Orange Blossoms
mixed media flower painting on yupo paper

How to paint a rainy cityscape with watercolors, a step by step painting tutorial
Vancouver blues Watercolor on paper 15 x 25 inches

How to mix fluid acrylics, watercolor, ink and oil marker in your paintings: In Barcelona
Mixed media flower painting

How to make your watercolor paintings pop with pastels
cherry blossoms

Mounting watercolor paper on board
Princess Park, mixed media on board

Nymph Echo : Painting lily pads and reflections on water with watercolor
taking off masking fluid

Life drawing techniques and methods, a quick overview
Francoise 1

Online class: Painting Flowers from imagination in mixed media

A series of three paintings for the Anonymous Art Show

Fun techniques you can try to make watercolor and mixed media postcards
fun techniques to make watercolor postcards

I wish you all a very creative and happy year!

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