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paint flowers from imagination with fluid acrylic on yupo paper

How to paint mixed media flowers on yupo paper : Orange Blossoms

How to paint mixed media flowers on yupo paper

Orange Blossoms

Yupo paper is fun to try with watercolor and ink as the paint will make very interesting textures while drying on that type of paper, that makes it ideal to start a painting with an abstract background.

You can paint directly on the Yupo paper or mount it on board before painting. I chose to mount it on board.

You will need

  • cradled panel, I used a 8 x 8 inches wood panel
  • Krylon workable fixative
  • Acrylic paint, I used Pebeo in titanium white
  • Graphite pencil
  • Krylon workable fixative
  • Blue Sakura Micron marker
  • White Oil Sharpie marker
  • Watercolor paint, I used Yarka watercolors.
  • Fluid Acrylic, I used Liquitex Ink in Red and Orange
  • Ink Pen and Speed Ball ink in Teal Green
  • Varnish to finish
  • Alcohol

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Mounting Yupo paper on board

I basically used the same technique I use when mounted regular watercolor paper on board, click here to see how to mount watercolor paper on board.

The paper is mounted on the board with gel medium.

cutting the sides of the yupo paper

Once the medium had time to dry (about one day), trim the sides of the board with a cutter.

yupo paper mounted on board.

You should get a very neat surface ready to be painted on.

Painting the abstract background

drips of ink and fluid acrylic on the yupo paper

You can use watercolor, ink, fluid acrylic… to paint an abstract background. Here I used fluid Acrylic and Ink


abstract backgroubd with fluid acrylics wet into wet

Brush the paint to spread it all over the yupo paper.

Adding drips of alcohol for visual texture

To add more texture, you can add a few drops of alcohol

abstract background with alcohol visual texture

Your background will look something like this once dry.

Outlining shapes and painting the negative space


Outlining shapes with graphite

Now, relax and look at the background and try to see recognizable shapes that fit what you would like to paint. Here I wanted to paint flowers, so I am looking for blooms and leaves shapes. Outline the shapes you see with a graphite pencil. Graphite works well on Yupo paper and produces a very crisp line.

Outlining shapes with graphite

If you are painting flowers, try to connect a few of them with stems and add a few leaves.

Painting the negative space with white acrylic

Paint all the negative space with white acrylic and let dry.

Painting the negative space with white acrylic

Adding designs with markers, pen and ink.

Sharpie white oil marker to add patterns

Then you can start to add details to the shapes you have left with color, here with a Sharpie white oil marker.

adding graphite patterns on yupo paper

Graphite works so well on Yupo paper that you can also use it to add designs and patterns.

glazing with diluted ink

You can also paint on top of those designs, here with diluted ink.

painting over leaves with diluted acrylic ink

adding patterns with dipping pen and Ink

You can use a pen dipped in fluid acrylic or ink to add designs as well


drawing patterns onto leaves with pen and ink

drawing with graphite on yupo paper

Graphite can be used to color the area.

mixed media flower painting on yupo paper

The finished painting : Orange blossom

Have you tried mixed media on yupo paper, did you like it?





How to paint mixed media flowers on yupo paper : Orange Blossoms
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