Get feedback on your art: 26 weeks of inspiration and training online class.

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get feedback on your art online art class 26 weeks of inspiration and training

Do you want to paint and draw more but are not sure where to start or what to paint? Do you want objective feedback on your art?

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Then this class might be for you, it is organized in 26 unit courses that will briefly give you an assignment for something to paint of draw.

This is a text and pictures based class with links to tutorials and a few videos.

If you take one class a week, it will last for 6 months and if you take one class every two weeks, it will last for one year. The goal is to get you inspired to draw and paint regularly as well as to try different techniques, explore different possibilities and expand your visual repertoire.

online art class mixed media and acrylic

Each class will show examples of art that were made using the same technique, subject or restrictions. For some techniques there will be a link to step by step tutorials. There will also most of the time be links to inspiring artists that fit the subject of the class.

You produce a painting or drawing for each class and if you want to, you can share it with the rest of the class. You also have a choice of receiving a short feedback on your art from me or not.

Who is it for?

This class is for beginners to advanced artists, anyone can do it and you can choose for each week how much time and effort you want to invest in each unit.

If you are looking for precise step by step instructions, then you might be more interested in the Painting Flowers from Imagination class. But if you are looking for an impulse to start creating and like the freedom to take your own decisions with a bit of guidance and feed back, then this is the class for you.

Is this class about a specific medium, painting or drawing?

For most units you can choose which medium to use and if you would like to draw or paint. About 1/3 of the classes are specifically about drawing as I think it is an essential skill to develop for Artists. No worries though, you don’t need any formal training in drawing and any style of drawing has its charm including doodling learn how to draw and paint online

For the rest of the classes, you can choose if you would rather paint or draw or even try something in between. There is quite a number of my artworks that I am not sure should be qualified as drawings or paintings.


online art classes with feedback from teacher

How much time do I need?

You decide how much time you want to invest for each unit. Most of the time you can do something simple like a small drawing or take more time and make a finished painting.

Why 26 weeks?

If you complete a unit every week, the entire class will last 6 months. If you complete a unit every 2 weeks, the class will last 1 year.

What supplies do I need?

For most units you have a choice of media, I am using the most common supplies you will find in most artist studios.

The most commonly used media in the class are Acrylic paint, watercolor, dry pastels, graphite, oils sticks. We will work on paper, yupo paper and canvas.

You can see examples of supplies lists for this class here.

you will learn about drawing and painting techniques

I paint with oils, can I take the class?

I work mostly with water based media but you could easily use oil painting in the class, although you have to know that most of the links to step by step painting tutorials will be with acrylic, watercolor and mixed media.

I read the assignment but I would like to do it a bit differently.

Of course! The purpose of this class is to get you inspired  to draw and paint, so if you would like to do something a bit differently, go ahead! You might inspire other Artists in the class.

What happens once I make my painting or drawing at the end of each unit?

At the end of each unit, you fill out a form where you can upload your work. To go to the next unit you need to fill out this form but can upload any picture or a blank picture if you do not wish to share your work.

If you decide to upload your work, you can decide:

  • If your work can be public or only for class members
  • If you want a link next to your name to your website or blog, Facebook page, etc…
  • If you want to share your work anonymously
  • If you would like me to email you a brief feed back on the work

The paintings and drawings from our class participants will be shared on the blog and you are welcome to comment on them, as long as the discussion stays constructive.

get feedback on your art by a professional artist

Do I get a grade for each unit or work I complete?

I am not grading the works but you can choose to receive a short feedback from me.

Do I need to complete a unit every week? I might get too busy.

You can choose what rhythm works best for you. I recommend you do at least a painting or drawing every two weeks to get into the habit of creating Art regularly.

Can I skip a week, I am not inspired by the subject?

I believe that adding constraint sometimes helps with creativity even though it reduces the possibilities, it gives us a direction. But if there is a week class that really doesn’t inspire you, you can still skip it, just select ” I did not do this week’s assignment” in the quiz. You could also modify the assignment to make it more inspiring for you.

Do I have to work the units in order?

I recommend you do work on the units in order, as the next unit becomes available once you filled out the form at the end, although you can always skip a unit and go back to it later. I arranged the units so you get a bit of variety between, techniques and subject, drawings and paintings.

 26 weeks of inspiration and training class

get feedback on your art



online painting and drawing class

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Online art class testimonials


The best gift I ever gave myself

This is the best gift I ever gave myself. Constantly creative, fun and with wonderful feedback.
Sandrine always answered questions very promptly and was unfailingly helpful.
I am not a professional artist so felt more than a little intimidated for a while but her encouragement and kindness carried me though multiple facets of watercolor painting techniques. There was always a ” you can do it” feeling in her feedback as she pointed out flaws and suggested improvement,so that I always felt an excitement to keep trying.
My course is now completed and I have just signed up for a new course!
Thank you Sandrine.

Eddi Reid
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Wonderful Windows

I simply cannot think of an easier way to access professional and inspirational artistic instruction! To be introduced to the many different techniques, have personalized feedback and to access the many ways others express themselves, all adds up to an amazing artistic experience. I am able to apply myself at whatever pace suits my life. The course content alone is varied and inspirational in and of itself, so will serve me beyond the year of instruction.
I thank you Sandrine, for offering such a comprehensive course and your encouraging and enlightening feedback.

Laura Green
Okanagan area of BC, Canada
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Inspired to Share

This class has given me room to grow. Sandrine Pelissier offers creative ideas and supportive information. How students apply their creativity is purely individual choice. The great variety of creative works that emerge from each week is testament to that. This open ended method tickles the imagination. Sandrine’s feedback, when requested, is always gentle and helpful. She doesn’t shy from making suggestions, but, always offers positive encouragement as well. About 10 weeks into the course, I found I’d developed enough confidence in some of the work I was creating to take an opportunity to show at a local gallery. That led to taking advantage of another benefit of this course. I had to stop what I was working on in week 12 to tend to matting, mounting and framing. Because the “26 weeks” course is open to students for 52 weeks, I knew I could go back and pick up week 12 in a couple of weeks and continue enjoying all the remaining weeks. So, as the title notes I’ve been “inspired to share” my good experiences with this class and to share my work with others through a local gallery.

Robin Gray
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I have never attended such a good online course

Dear Sandrine,
I have started the Inspiration Training only a few weeks ago. I have never attended such a good online course. Your instructions, your beautiful works and the organization of the course are really inspire me. I have never had such a busy period in my painting. I am excited to have new assignment and your instructions for it every week. Thanks, Sandrine!
My rating for the course is 5/5, the best!
Best regards:

Imola Varga
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Variety Alone is Inspiring

The variety of inspirations week to week keeps me interested and challenged. I’ve already been asked to do several things I’ve never done before and I’m only finishing week 7. Looking forward to all the coming weeks.

Robin Gray
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Artistic Inspiration

This course challenged and inspired me. The painting method videos and the feedback were the best. I only wish I had more time to devote to doing all the assignments(my fault). I look forward to following what you are doing and what new courses you may add.
Thanks again,

Patricia Wood
Iroquois, Ontario
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Thank you

Sandrine is so helpful and encouraging.Each class is so varied and interesting, often topics I would never have come up with.Very inspirational.

26 weeks of inspiration and training

I absolutely loved this class

It was just what I needed to start me painting again and when time permits I’m coming back for more Sandrine!


Linda M
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I actually made no less than 16 paintings which have all been exhibited

I loved this online class which I took many months ago.
I actually made no less than 16 paintings which have all been exhibited – some still are. The size of the paintings are 30×30, 50×50, and 60×60 cm.
I found your teaching and your method very inspiring.
I “found” you via a picture in Pinterest, then went on to YouTube and ended up on your website/blog where I signed up for the class.
Lots of thanks from Denmark

26 weeks of inspiration and training

I learned many new techniques

I loved this class. I learned many new techniques, and was introduced to some new media & substrates. The videos were succinct and easy to follow. I look forward to taking more workshops from Sandrine.

Jackie D
26 weeks of inspiration and training

This inspiration to art will be with me always!

26 weeks of inspiration and training was a gift of discovery and art. I am an art dabbler who loves to “mess around” with paint, ink and paper. I was led by Sandrine to new adventures and ideas. Some were challenging and led me to question my own perception of my art. Other lessons were great new methods and examples that truly helped me learn to compose and paint. I have enjoyed the sharing from others taking the class. I am branching out and I am enjoying a new energy in my own art. Thanks, Sandrine, this inspiration to art will be with me always!

Deborah Gravel
26 weeks of inspiration and training

What an excellent deal, love it.

This is such a fun and challenging class – definitely takes me out of my comfort zone. I love that Sandrine gives detailed and on-the-spot feedback when asked, the critique she sends back gives me even more ideas on how to improve or see things from a different perspective. I’ve been a big fan of Sandrine’s work for a while, and I absolutely adore her generosity as an artist and a teacher (I steal from her all the time! 🙂 ). Inspiration and instruction: There is so much to look at and learn from with each unit, because of the many links to the tutorials, which are all pretty amazing in their detail (not to mention the loveliness of the artwork). What an excellent deal, love it.


Rima Koleilat
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Great job Sandrine and thank you !

I have really enjoyed this class so far . It has motivated me to do art more ( which is what I was hoping for ) and to explore some different techniques. I appreciate that sandrine gets back to me with her feedback usually the same day I send in my work . I find I am loosening up in just trying the different techniques which is great .
The material is well organized , easy to follow and I enjoy looking at the other artists work as well.
I hope to take some of her other online classes .
Great job Sandrine and thank you !

26 weeks of inspiration and training

I love the feeling I get from this course

I am a beginner in the exploration of my artistic abilities and stumbled upon 26 Weeks of Inspiration by Sandrine Pelissier. I had recently bought her book and so decided to take the course. I love the feeling I get from this course for the following reasons:
1. It is self-paced. Plenty of time to absorb the context of each lesson.
2. Each weeks lesson is well documented and offers the step to step instructions I need.
3. Each lesson offers inspiration from a variety of other artists on the concept presented.
4. Feedback is provided if you so wish.
5. The feedback is gentle, but constructive which as a beginner I so appreciate. It makes me want to meet Sandrine in person and take her for coffee because she sounds so cool.
6. I am trying things I never would have discovered on my own, such as ink resist, yupo paper and adding doodles to your art work.
I am only on week 15 and I have so enjoyed this class. Because of this happy experience I will consider taking the next class Creative Well Being. Thank-you so much Sandrine for offering this positive opportunity to move forward with my artistic journey.

26 weeks of inspiration and training

Donc c’est avec plaisir que j’irai jusqu’au bout pour découvrir encore et encore..

J’apprécie ces différents modules qui nous font connaître toutes les facettes d’utilisation des mix media. Je ne suis pas encore familière avec ces techniques, il me manque un peu la folie d’entreprendre ces nouvelles façons de faire. Mais j’ai envie, je vois tellement de belles choses sur le net, notamment dans les sketchbooks. Donc c’est avec plaisir que j’irai jusqu’au bout pour découvrir encore et encore..

Denise Menu
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I’m being stretched in many new directions and I must thank you for it! 

I just have to say how much I am enjoying your “26 weeks of Inspiration and Training” class. I was surprised to see that I had all the supplies I would need on hand, but I shouldn’t have been because, as I am always wanting to try new ways of painting, I pick up art supplies all the time. The problem was that I never really got around to using them. Now the pressure is on to get out of my comfort zone and I actually love it!

I’m being stretched in many new directions and I must thank you for it! 

Diane Marcotte
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I am loving this course! 

I am loving this course!  It is forcing me to think outside the box .  I have enjoyed working with different mediums.  Right now I am working with the primary colors, this is helpful as choosing colour has been a challenge.  It took me awhile to find your feedback, as it was not in my  inbox, but in promotions.  The advice on taking photos was helpful.
Thanks, l better get back to painting!


26 weeks of inspiration and training

This class is exactly what I needed

This class is exactly what I needed to jump start me back into drawing and painting after many years of working creatively on a computer only. The lessons flexibility and guidance are very helpful. Sandrine’s personal advice and helpful critiques have opened my eyes to another way of seeing. I feel a true sense of advancement in my skills and a widening of perceptive ability in my art.
Thank you Sandrine!

Linda Brisbon
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I love trying different techniques and mediums.

I am really enjoying the exploration in the lessons in this class. I love trying different techniques and mediums.

Deb Weiers
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Really, really enjoyed this class

You are amazing with the feedback and suggestions.  I have used some and like the pieces so much better! 😉
You are an excellent and generous  instructor, thank you.


26 weeks of inspiration and training

Now art is something I do every day…

This is a great opportunity to try so many different techniques, with Sandrine’s gentle guidance and encouragement. I love this class..I have learned so much and I can see my artwork developing. I was so put off making art by an unsympathetic teacher in school, I just wish he had been like Sandrine!
Now art is something I do every day…I feel I have set out on an exciting journey…I would recommend ’26 weeks ‘ unreservedly.

Marjorie Paterson
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Finding my own style

Sandrine inspires me. She motivates me to find my own style by trying new techniques and materials, and enjoy the process of each project.
Sandrine’s method has silenced the inner critic, given me wings and excited the creativity I’m discovering is within.

Cindy Shearer
26 weeks of inspiration and training

If you want to expand your artistry this class can help achieve that in a short time.

I am loving all that I am learning in this class. Using different media every lesson has broadened my ability to use them in my art. I can tell that working every week has made be grow as an artist and I especially appreciate the critiques that Sandrine is providing if we want her to do so. I really feel this class is an amazing bargain. If you want to expand your artistry this class can help achieve that in a short time.

Gail Witt
26 weeks of inspiration and training

So much fun!

The 26-weeks-of-inspiration course was so much fun. Each unit brought me new enjoyment, and I learned so much. I tried many many types of painting and artwork, so many I would not have thought to do on my own. I recommend this course to anyone who is stuck in a rut with one type of medium, or who is timid and afraid to get started in the world of making art.

Susan Derby
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Art on!

This class has been a great experience. I have gotten to play with different styles, and moving outside my comfort zones. The class allows for setting your own pace which worked wonderfully for my job and other commitments. I have also gained new insight for the constructive comments from Sandrine.
I look forward to finishing the assignments and maybe another class from Sandrine.
Art on!

Marci Mock
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Thanks Sandrine.

Thanks Sandrine. Week 1 was great. I’m glad I decided to join the course. I believe it will help me a lot. More importantly, thanks for your feedback on my work. I’m going to try your suggestion on my next work. Week 2, here I go. À bientôt!

Robson Jordao
26 weeks of inspiration and training

A big huge thank you

I’ve completed all 26 weeks and have learned a lot. Not only some techniques, but, basic approaches to planning works and critiquing my own work when completed. A big huge thank you for making 26 Weeks of Inspiration and Training available at a very affordable price. And, another huge load of thanks for taking the time to offer thoughtful and helpful critiques whenever requested. You have a gift for being both supportive and direct, and I’ve appreciated that.

It took a bit longer than 26 weeks for me to complete all the projects, still, I’m sad it’s coming to an end.

Robin G
United States
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Seconds turned into hours

Once again, this chapter was not about the result, but about the amazing journey. Seconds turned into hours.

gale courtney
washington state
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Enjoying the class and the

Enjoying the class and the new ideas. Hoping to refine my skills.
Thank you

Chantelle Morton
Sydney, Australia
26 weeks of inspiration and training

took a break and explored

took a break and explored the Maine coast. Ready to return to class.
My only wish is that I could skip around more easily.
The classes are very good and I love the teacher. Wish I could bring her an apple.

gale courtney
manson wa
26 weeks of inspiration and training

26 weeks inspiration and training

26 weeks inspiration and training course is enjoyable and very useful. Sandrine has an excellent ability to teach and inspire us. It is not a step by step course when you copy the trainer’s painting. Here you follow your own ideas but you get lots of thechnical support from Sandrine. Sandrine’s personalized feedbacks on our work are invaluabe and improve our art. Sandrine’s parsonality and art are the key success factors at this course. Thanks Sandrine!
Imola Varga

Imola Varga
26 weeks of inspiration and training

It has been a pleasure

It has been a pleasure taking these classes. The weekly tasks are very interesting and Sandrine’s feedback on the works is always constructive and very motivating. I guess these classes are important for both beginners and experienced artists, as you can learn and practice new techniques and find new ways for your work. I believe joining these classes has been of great importance for my art and I thank Sandrine for her guidance and kindness.

Robson Jordao
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I am thoroughly enjoying this

I am thoroughly enjoying this class. The exercises are thought provoking and very well explained. Examples are very helpful. The exercises have pushed me to explore art in ways I would not have on my own. The gallery of other artists’ works is so helpful and inspiring. Feedback is constructive and spot on. The self paced tempo of the course is working well for my schedule. I’m excited about painting!

Cindy Knights
New York
26 weeks of inspiration and training

It was a great voyage

It was a great voyage of discovery this 26 weeks class. The lessons, the tutorials were clear and to the point, as well as Sandrine’s feedback. The feedback gives so much added value. I went through all sorts of emotions during the assignments, but it pushed me in a certain direction. I can recommend everyone to follow this class of inspiration and training, because a lot is happening!

Etty Stuit
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Great Artist, Great Art-Teacher

I want to share with everybody about the experience I had taking 3 online classes an a book from Sandrine Pelissier.
I first bought the book of Fearless Watercolor for beginners. I highly recomemd this book for those who want to learn how to paint in watercolors. It teaches you step by step how to use watercolors and how to apply the different kind of techniques you can use. It also explains you the types of watercolor papers as well as the brushes. With this book it gives the energy to start painting with watercolor and the inspiration to learn more about it.

Once I read the whole book and made all the techniques from the book, I wanted to keep practising not only in watercolor but also with other medium, I took painting Imaginary Flowers. This online class was fun, beautifull, and the most important, relaxing class! Here you put in practice your imagination and creativity! There is no wrong or right here, you just need to have a grest time doing this!!

Also, I took 26 Weeks of Training and Inspiration. This is another of her online classes that I was addictived! I learn a lot here. It gave me the discipline to do it every day for 26 week. Of course, you can do it at your own pace, but I was hooked with this class. I highly recommend it!! If there were a second part, with my closed eyes I would do it!!

Lastly, I took the Express yourself, creative well being class. It was another class that helps you know yourself through your paint. This was fun. I enjoyed a lot!!

Lucia Anderson
26 weeks of inspiration and training, Express Yourself - Creative well being, Painting Flowers from imagination

Being half way through this

Being half way through this class I really enjoy all the projects very much. It helped me so far to learn to explore different approaches and inspires me to try out new art making. The projects are very well explained and anybody can follow and learn as well as improve as an artist. I welcome Sandrine’s feedback as it is very encouraging and gives me more ideas on how I can improve.
Thank you Sandrine for creating this class!!!

Corina Menz
Comox, BC
26 weeks of inspiration and training

Spot on

I immensely enjoyed the course. It was full of new techniques and materials. A big exploring adventure. Sandrine is a great teacher. Her comments are spot-on. Firm and gentle at the same time and always constructive. It was a great learning experience and above all a lot of fun.

Marjolijn Hof
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I’m just about finished unit

I’m just about finished unit 2 and already feel I have learned a lot! Sandrine is sooooo kind and honest in her critique. The things she told me I could do to improve……I knew! And she told me how. I can see I will be learning a lot.

Muriel Dowle
Vancouver bc
26 weeks of inspiration and training

So far I am loving the class

So far I am loving the class, it is challenging me in new directions, that I may not otherwise take. My art before this class has been, drawing, acrylic and a little watercolour. I have had to think for myself instead of copying other artists. Your critique is most valuable and I can immediately see the reason for your comment, so I must inherently know what I need to do to improve.
I think the class is making me a better artist already. I am enjoying learning to use different media. Highly recommend Sandrines class to all.

Muriel Dowle
26 weeks of inspiration and training

It pushes me to create

Love this course because it pushes me to create and think of different ways to do art. I need challenges. Sharing views and ideas with other artists is awesome. Sandrine is an excellent teacher and communicator. Very helpful and generous with her comments and her blog. She gives so many tips and explain so many of her techniques than it’s very easy for us to try and succeed sometimes. She gives us all the tools we need to achieve our goals.

Living in Vancouver for 13 years but from Montreal
26 weeks of inspiration and training

A class very well worth taking

Just finished this online class. It is a very fun class and I learned a lot of techniques I would have not chosen to learn myself. The class opened me up to a variety of different approaches while guided by Sandrine. The description and supporting videos are clear and easy to follow. Sandrine’s feedback is very much to the point and is very kind. Now I feel ready to explore more and am ready to take the next steps. Would highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to improve.
Thank you Sandrine, you are an inspiration for many of us!!!

Corina Menz
26 weeks of inspiration and training

I am not a formally trained artist

I am not a formally trained artist and was looking for a class that would give me a broad exposure to the things I might have learned had I gone to art school. This class fits the bill and is just what I was looking for. I have found the exercises, examples and tutorials so far to be excellent and I’m learning from them. The teacher’s insightful comments about my work, and the ability to see what others in the class are doing, are added bonuses.

Kitty Russell
Arlington VA
26 weeks of inspiration and training

So far I have found the class very thought provoking

So far I have found the class very thought provoking. I am having to look at everything in a more structured way rather than my usual way of diving into everything and ending up producing nothing.
I am very much looking forward to feedback as I love being involved in art and want to improve my skills.

Carolyn Poynter
Melbourne, Australia
26 weeks of inspiration and training