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Online drawing class fro beginners and advancedPrice: $49 for lifetime access to online drawing class

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Just like your handwriting, your drawing style is unique; let’s find it in this online drawing class!

I believe that drawing should be fun and free from too many rules! I also believe that the only way to get better at drawing is to draw as much as you can. This class has been made so I can give you ideas of paths to explore to make drawing fun again.

This is the class for you if:

  • You want to explore different ways of drawing
  • You believe like me that you will learn by doing rather than by reading lots of instructions
  • You are curious about trying on new ideas
  • You want to get excited again about drawing
  • You want to get feed back on your drawings

This is not the class for you if:

  • You want detailed instructions to be making very realistic, exact drawings
  • You already took the class 26 weeks of inspiration and training or want to take it as most of the classes are also part of the 26 weeks class.

learn how to draw with fun techniquesWho is it for?

This class is for beginners to advanced artists, anyone can do it and you can choose each week how much time and effort you want to invest in each course.

I believe that doing something is the best way to learn so I try to keep the contents not too long so you can get right away into action mode.

Is this class about a specific medium, painting or drawing?

As this is a drawing class, we will mostly use dry media such as graphite, markers or charcoal, a few classes will allow you to use ink as well.If you want to explore more of a specific medium you have the freedom to do so in most of the courses.

What supplies do I need?

See a supplies list for the online drawing class here.

Get feed back

At the end of each class, you can upload your drawings and get feed back to explore some ideas and get an outside perspective on your work. The feedback is optional.

Online drawing courseHow much time do I need per unit?

You decide how much time you want to invest for each unit. Most of the time you can do something simple like a small 20 minutes drawing or take more time and make a drawing over a few days.

How much time do I have to finish the online drawing class?

I recommend you complete a class per week or per two weeks. If you need more time, that is fine too as you will keep a lifetime access to the class.


Online drawing class units

Module 1 Week 1 to 4
Unit 1 Welcome to your online class: 12 weeks of drawing explorations
Unit 2 My 3 years old did it: Drawing with your non-dominant hand
Unit 3 Make a drawing with pencil on paper and then wreck it with an eraser 🙂
Unit 4 Draw or paint something using only simple geometric patterns
Unit 5 Going Digital
Module 2 Week 5 to 8
Unit 1 Welcome to the dark side, it is all about the shade
Unit 2 Drawing by taking off
Unit 3 Try the same subject with different media, see which one you like the best
Unit 4 Text in paintings or drawings
Module 3 Weeks 9 to 12
Unit 1 2 versions of the same drawing
Unit 2 Figure Drawing
Unit 3 Add patterns or zentangles to a drawing
Unit 4 Paint or draw a self portrait


for lifetime access to online drawing class

drawing for fun

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Drawing course onlineI read the assignment but I would like to do it a bit differently.

Of course! The purpose of this class is to get you inspired  to draw and paint, so if you would like to do something a bit differently, go ahead! You might inspire other Artists in the class.

Do I get a grade for each unit or work I complete?

I am not grading the works for this class, but you can share your work on our Facebook group. The group is closed, I will check so it stays a supportive and positive environment.

Do I need to complete a unit every week? I might get too busy.

You can choose what rhythm works best for you as the class is self paced. If you complete a unit every week, the entire class will last 6 months. If you complete a unit every 2 weeks, the class will last 1 year. I recommend you do at least a painting or drawing every two weeks to get into the habit of creating Art regularly.learn how to draw online

Can I skip a week, I am not inspired by the subject?

I believe that adding constraint sometimes helps with creativity even though it reduces the possibilities, it gives us a direction. But if there is a week class that really doesn’t inspire you, you can still skip it, just select ” I did not do this week’s assignment” in the quiz. You could also modify the assignment to make it more inspiring for you.

Do I have to work the units in order?

There is a logical progression in the courses in the class so I recommend you work on them in order but if you want to switch that order you are free to do so.


for lifetime access to online drawing class

Online drawing class registration

If you already purchased a class, register here

Online Drawing class testimonials

So much fun!

Thank you Sandrine for this class, I am enjoying the drawings explorations and going out of my confort zone.

12 weeks of drawing explorations

Thank you

Thanks for your useful and beautiful lessons. Sorry can´t travel to participate of your classes and workshops.I´m very far, but enjoy your articles and lessons on line. May be one day, ´ll have this opportunity.

12 weeks of drawing explorations

I am enjoying the drawing class very much

I am enjoying the drawing class very much. It has really pushed me to try new methods and actually enjoy the experience. I also liked having an online drawing experience. I have never done that and it opened a whole new facet of creating to me.


Donna Vines
12 weeks of drawing explorations

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