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Fun and easy : Scribble drawings

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Fun and easy : Scribble drawings

Scribble drawings are fun to do, they are perfect for a day at home activity with the family. Everybody can make it and kids will love it, you don’t need to know how to draw portraits as we are going to use translucent paper.

I did one of each of my kids, it took me about 10-15 minutes to draw each one.

The kid in me still gets pretty excited about scribbling 🙂

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To make scribble drawings portraits you will need:

  • Transparent paper, I used translucent yupo paper, but you could also use tracing paper
  • Markers: If you want you drawing to be archival, I recommend Sakura pigma micron markers, if archival properties are not that important for you, you could use Sharpie fine line marker or any kind of marker
  • A printer
using tracing paper to make a scribble drawing

Start by taping the portrait you printed at the back of your yupo paper or tracing paper.

I am a Blick Art Materials affiliate and I receive a small compensation for sales. That does not effect in any way the cost of the purchaser’s order but it helps me keeping the content of this blog free.

Yupo WatercolorPaper Pads

Yupo is a compelling and unique alternative to traditional art papers. It’s a synthetic paper, machine-made in the USA of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain resistant, and extremely strong and durable.

tracing paper over your reference picture

For each portrait, I printed 2 black and white pictures, so I could keep one under the paper and one for reference.

drawing the contours of your scribble portrait

Start by drawing the main features and contours, you can also outline a few areas of light and shade on the face.

scribble drawing easy

I recommend you start by the darkest areas and then work from dark to light.

For dark areas make your scribbles quite tight and for light areas space them more.

scribble portrait

On theface, start by scribbling on the areas in the shade.

I am a Blick Art Materials affiliate and I receive a small compensation for sales. That does not effect in any way the cost of the purchaser’s order but it helps me keeping the content of this blog free.

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

Pigma Micron pens are acid-free and archival, making them ideal for any application requiring precision and permanance. Pigma ink is derived from a single pigment to ensure color consistency, and is fadeproof against sunlight or UV light. – Set of 6, Black

scribble drawing technique
how to do scribble derawings

You can leave some areas that are in the light un-scribbled.

scribbles draw

For the background and the very light areas, you can use very light scribbles.

Gallery of scribble drawings portraits

scribble drawing portrait
how to do scribble drawings
how to draw a portrait with scribbles

Here are the three portraits I made of my 3 kids.

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Comments (11)

  1. Cats in dungarees

    Sorry to disagree, but you most definitely don’t need transparent or tracing paper, just use your eyes and scribble onto normal paper, it is so much better for your technique and skills if you do it that way. I have my own art channel where I do this technique of scribbling:

  2. Anna

    D o you leave the photocopied pic under the yupo?

    1. Yes I did in this case.
      I also used that technique without the picture underneath but it is a bit tricky with portraits.

  3. Eddi Reid

    I will remember this the next time our grandchildren visit!
    Thank you Sandrine, it looks fun.
    Happy New Year to you all.

    1. Thanks Eddi! Happy new year to you too 🙂

  4. Barbara Kay

    Love this, Sandrine. You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas ♡

    1. Thanks Barbara, I am glad you liked it!

  5. Aino Shperber

    This is so cool! I like scribbles.

    1. Thanks Aino 🙂

  6. arebelred95063400

    That’s a great idea ty

    1. Thanks arebelred95063400, I am glad you liked it 🙂

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