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Working in series : what are the advantages ?


Working in series : what are the advantages ?

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I started this series of drawings with the idea of using them for a Calendar, so I had to make at least 12 of them. I actually made more but didn’t like some of them. The goal of having to draw a certain number pushed me to work more efficiently and consistently on the same subject : Artists Portraits.

Working in series : what are the advantages ?

If you look at most artists work you have a high probability of finding one or more series on a particular subject or in a particular style. Here are a few reasons why working in series might be interesting for your work :

  • Explore an idea, subject or even a style, the same subject with a different light ( Claude Monet’s haystacks or Notre Dame series) or the same subject over time (Rembrandt auto portraits).
  • Develop a style of your own.
  • Make a body of work with consistent style, that could be used for an exhibition, or be in your portfolio.
  • Start one piece where you left with the precedent to see progression in your work or improvement in your technique.
  • It’s easier to see what you have learned along the way with a common subject.
  • Because your series will have some points in common, it is more easy to try something new and decide if you like it.
  • Making you realize what is important for you in a particular subject. What do the pieces of the series have in common?
  • Making it more easy to work on several paintings at the same time.
  • Paint something you really like, explore an obsession.

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Comments (5)

  1. Great post, makes a lot of sense, I have actually started to think about this angle .All your sketches are lovely, they make a wonderful series. Thanks for this post.

  2. Wonderful drawings. I like the post, also. Interesting, as I never gave series much thought.

    1. Well, depending on how you see it, for example you could consider your figures in watercolor (which I really like! )to be a series:

  3. Great post, Sandrine. I hardly ever go beyond 3 or 4 pieces in a series somehow. I think you need a lot of motivation or some really grand idea to keep you going.

    Just wondering, how do you get that little panel with all the “add’s at the end of your post? I’d love to have something like that on my blog as well.



    1. Thanks Yevgenia!
      I am using a freeware named get social, it was made specifically for wordpress bloggers, you can download it from here:

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