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Express Yourself: Creative Well Being Online Class

Express Yourself: Creative Well Being Online Class

Online art Classes: Learn from the comfort of your home

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Ready to go beyond coloring books?

 Make art that is unique and personal? Explore your mind-body connection?

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This class was made with you in mind

This online class has been designed by Art therapist Sophie Babeanu and visual Artist Sandrine Pelissier. It is mostly text and picture based, with a few introductory videos, beware of the French accent and puppy cuteness 🙂

What is the class about?

We want you to have fun making art that is fulfilling. It is an exciting adventure, you are going to explore and discover yourself.

This class is for you if

You are a beginner to advanced artist. Anyone can do it and you can choose for each unit how much time and effort you want to invest.

If you have the desire to create but are not sure where to start or what to do, this class will offer many possibilities for you to enjoy making art.

This class is not for you if

You want step by step, precise instructions on what to paint/draw and how to do it. We want to encourage creativity and self expression so we leave you some space to take your own decisions. We will offer ideas and media to explore for each unit but you have to be comfortable exploring ideas independently.

Why would I take this class?

Maybe you want to explore new subjects, artistic techniques, reduce stress, or simply be more creative.

You will learn more about how your feelings and life experiences are reflected in art.

How is the class organized?

This class is self paced and divided into 12 modules, each module has a different theme: Relaxation, feelings, dreams, self portrait … that you will explore while making Art.

Each class starts with an intention, and then we show you how you can translate that intention into Art.

The class contains lots of images and videos to help you with artistic skills and techniques. Then we will take a bit of time to reflect on what has been created and engage further exploration.

express your feelings with art

The last part of each class shows exemples of Artists who did explore the same subjects or the same techniques and we will let you know about ways to take this exploration to the next level.

What techniques will I learn? And with what medium?

You will get to experiment with colored pencils, markers, watercolour, oil pastels, colllage, dry pastels, ink, charcoal, gel medium, acrylic paint….


(prices in US$)

Can I share my Artworks with others?

We have a public Facebook group that you can join here.

You can also share you art privately with us by using this form.

Do I need to work on the units in order?

Yes, we designed the class in a specific order, with a progression that makes sense.

Do I need to complete a unit every week?

You get a life time access to the class and can take as much time as you want to work at your own pace.

How much time will it take me to complete a module?

You can choose the size, level of complexity, and time spent for each activity, so really it all depends on what you want to do.

Do I get a grade?

No, we want you to feel free to express yourself without the pressure of grade. This class is more about the process than the end product. If you feel like sharing your work, you can do so on the Facebook group or by using the feedback form.

We have a public Facebook group that you can join here.

You can also share you art privately with us by using this form.

(prices in US$)

 Online art class Express yourself, creative well being testimonials:

Very interesting 🙂

I am enjoying very much this class! and the puppy is so cute 🙂

all classes, Express Yourself - Creative well being

You are a generous and giving teacher

Sandrine, I loved this class and am in the process of creating and continuing to learn more…You are a generous and giving teacher.
I continue to read and follow your blog and advice.
Thank you,

all classes, Express Yourself - Creative well being

This class was great

This class was great for knowing myself better. It taught me how to deal and improve my skills of drawing which I think I’m getting into it. Also, It has cool techniques.

I always enjoy your classes!! They’re a fun and great for learning!!

Lucia Anderson
I’m from Venezuela, Caracas but I live in Chicago Illinos 3 yeras ago
all classes, Express Yourself - Creative well being

Great Artist, Great Art-Teacher

I want to share with everybody about the experience I had taking 3 online classes an a book from Sandrine Pelissier.
I first bought the book of Fearless Watercolor for beginners. I highly recomemd this book for those who want to learn how to paint in watercolors. It teaches you step by step how to use watercolors and how to apply the different kind of techniques you can use. It also explains you the types of watercolor papers as well as the brushes. With this book it gives the energy to start painting with watercolor and the inspiration to learn more about it.

Once I read the whole book and made all the techniques from the book, I wanted to keep practising not only in watercolor but also with other medium, I took painting Imaginary Flowers. This online class was fun, beautifull, and the most important, relaxing class! Here you put in practice your imagination and creativity! There is no wrong or right here, you just need to have a grest time doing this!!

Also, I took 26 Weeks of Training and Inspiration. This is another of her online classes that I was addictived! I learn a lot here. It gave me the discipline to do it every day for 26 week. Of course, you can do it at your own pace, but I was hooked with this class. I highly recommend it!! If there were a second part, with my closed eyes I would do it!!

Lastly, I took the Express yourself, creative well being class. It was another class that helps you know yourself through your paint. This was fun. I enjoyed a lot!!

Lucia Anderson
26 weeks of intensive explorations, all classes, Express Yourself - Creative well being, Painting Flowers from imagination

Je suis très heureux de participer à cet atelier

Je suis très heureux de participer à cet atelier.
Malgré ca, Je suis un peu préoccupé par le fait de ne pas être capable d’atteindre une discipline de travail. Je suis en train de déménager et, aussi, il m’a fallu un certain temps pour le faire.
Je crois que mon enthousiasme me poussera à le faire.
Encore une fois, beaucoup de plaisir!

Tita Noriega
all classes, Express Yourself - Creative well being