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Hi Sandrine,Thanks for your follow-up

Hi Sandrine,

Thanks for your follow-up (it’s motivated me more!). I haven’t started the course yet as I am setting up a little studio for myself in a garage where I plan to work 1 full day per week, at least. The weather in Sydney at the moment is very hot and humid and the studio (a metal 2-car garage) is too hot to work in (no air con etc.) but from April onwards it will be delightful and that’s when I plan to do the exercises in your course. So for now I’m setting things up and buying materials. I will let you know when I start and how I’m going.

Thank you for asking and thank you for offering such a safe way for people to get tuition in the privacy of working alone. (My 3 experiences with art tuition classes here in Sydney when I was younger were poisonous and it left me with a deep ambivalence about pursuing what seems to be a natural interest of mine.)

Your courses seem like a great way for me to “get back on the horse” – you leave us alone to go at our own pace but your presence and availalbity is always there – very reassuring without being intrusive. Thanks so much, Sandrine,