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Thank you for re-igniting my interest in acrylics

I want to thank you for re-igniting my interest in acrylics. It’s amazing how much your instruction has me excited once more after a long, barren time in the studio!
I also teach. I want to offer more specific feedback as I know this is helpful for me. This is what I took away from your class;

*First, your presentation is professional, gentle and unhurried. I was able to soak in visual clues because you didn’t feel you needed to talk constantly (my own problem). Your set up was very easy to see and each step was clear in the process. There was no hurry and I remembered art making isn’t a race ; ) ! Sitting and looking, turning and looking again is as important as picking up a brush.

*Negative space and how important it is to composition. When painting the white space I realized how my composition can get fussy and is more powerful when less objects occupy an interesting space. I used titanium white liquid acrylic as this built up in glazing types of layers.
You are a generous teacher and I loved this class!! Kind regards,