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Selling your art online and reaching new markets with social media

In this online class you will learn how to professionally present yourself and your Art online. You will also learn how to get access to Art lovers worldwide and how to use social media marketing to promote your Art. We will also talk about what should go on your professional website and your blog.

You will learn the following basic skills :

What tools can you use to easily build your website? Do you need an online store?
How to build connections with your potential clients by setting up a newsletter?
Is selling prints on demand for you?
Are online galleries worth your time and effort?
Do you need a Facebook page for your art?
What to post on Twitter or Instagram?
What can Pinterest do for your business?
Do you need a blog? What could you write about in a blog?
How to automate most tasks so you still have time to paint?

In this class I am not walking you through all the details of technical step by step. Instead I will provide you with links and tools so you can set up your accounts and look professional online.
This class will provide you with a general strategy to set up and maintain your online presence. I will give you assignments at the end of each important unit so you can take it step by step and build on what you already have.

No need to be a computer wizard to benefit from this class. I will make it as simple and straightforward as possible because I know you would rather spend most of your time creating art.

Once you pay for this class, you will have unlimited access to the modules and units and can take as much time as you need going through the class.

The class will be updated every few months or whenever big changes are occurring on social media for example.

One time fee for unlimited access to this class : $ 39

Module 1 Setting up a professional looking website is simpler than you think
Unit 1 Table of content : Selling your Art online and reaching new markets with social media  
Unit 2 Introduction  
Unit 3 Before you get started on your website - Taking good pictures  
Unit 4 Editing your pictures and saving them  
Unit 5 How to set up a professional looking website very simply  
Unit 6 Artist Website Cheat List  
Module 2 Setting up a Newsletter
Unit 1 Why do you need a mailing list? How to get people to sign up?  
Unit 2 What can go in my newsletter?  
Unit 3 What about unsubscribes?  
Module 3 What about social media ?Do I really need a Facebook page?
Unit 1 Do I need social media?  
Unit 2 A quick overview of the main social media platforms  
Unit 3 Making it all look consistent  
Unit 4 Picture size specifications for your social media profiles  
Unit 5 What can I share on my Facebook page?  
Unit 6 What about Twitter and Instagram?  
Unit 7 Is Pinterest useful for artists?  
Module 4 Online galleries and selling prints on demand
Unit 1 How do print-on-demand websites and online galleries work?  
Module 5 Should I write a blog?
Unit 1 Why writing a blog? What blogging service should I use?  
Unit 2 What should I write about on my blog?  
Unit 3 How often should I write on my blog? What to do and not to do.  
Unit 4 Should I monetize my blog? How?  
Module 6 When do I find time to paint?
Unit 1 How it all interconnects!  
Unit 2 Having most of your tasks scheduled in advance  
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