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  1. Serge

    I always resist to temptation to open a Facebook account, and I’m not found of other social networks as well. Posting is somewhat as bottle at sea, and the time lost tends to expand. There are also ethics questions around FB.

  2. Had another thought …

    I truly do understand and am sorry that anyone has had to deal with copyists – it bother me a lot too.

    But then again, I sing other people’s music. The aspect of paying royalties for that luxury is open for discussion – because for decades, many bands played cover tunes. No one wants to hear original music, unless you are famous.

    I look back on other artists from centuries ago – it was a sad and often difficult task to get noticed. And THAT in itself is quite a story.

    To find a person who will pay for your skill – was always sought after. Only those of Royalty could Afford Real Art – many times in portraitures, etc.
    Take Van Gogh… the poor man shot himself and you have to wonder, what angst did he go through to be noticed? Suffering many times from depression.

    IF we make Art a Living – it hasn’t changed much in the way of progress. WE may have new tools to play with – but the bottom line is still – Can others afford our Work? How much do we think WE are worth? $10 an hour, or $25? and so forth.

    And it’s not easy living in this world – rent has to be paid, food on the table – the whole gamut of living an Artful Life is a dream…but not without sacrifices.

    The sad aspect of our Society – is that Life will always be full of stresses to live. Without ART – what would life be like? Maybe just plain and dull? ha ha

    I just look at our Creator – the one who designed the universe and the world we live in – all the many beautiful seascapes, mountains, animals, birds, intricate colors and plumes…

    And not one person ever Gives HIM the credit he deserves over such Magnificence…
    for the gifts we have whether music, art, minds that are full of science that I couldn’t even imagine?! 🙂

    We actually should be humbled by this <3

    Take it all in stride – I give thanks for what little I have been able to accomplish, and meeting people like yourself – who still are willing to Give.

    You are a GIFT, Sandrine… thank you for being Here.

  3. We are all very fortunate to even have the Internet… period. 20 years ago, IF you wanted to market yourself…you HAD to do the legwork. I used to be in a Band, so I know that in order to get a following, You had better be good OR have excellent Venues in which to perform. and eventually, the advertising helped further your career – or maybe you cut a record deal. OR maybe nothing ever happened, you just did it because a Restaurant needed a decent Band. Any stars in your Future had to be realized Might never happen! SO LOVE what you do, and that might be the best YOU will ever get.

    Now with Facebook…the self promotion actually annoys me. NO one is All that great – but it comes across so self serving, with no real concern over Who is watching you? Sort of like a Peeping Tom, with no contact on either end.

    I like to know my Audience – which is why “SOME” public performing is incredibly satisfying…it makes me feel connected. Once you hit the BIG Time…that close connection is lost. And bottom line, YOU have to feel very secure about yourself too. Being pulled (for example) by someone you don’t know because they admire or are a Big Fan…can be a bit intimidating, and sometimes downright scary.

    And then there is the reality, it will become Just a Job like everything Else. You HAVE to love what you do – to keep it a part of your Life. BECAUSE there is No guarantee of FAME.

    When they talk about 15 minutes of FAME – yep, that could be all you will ever get. Love what you do, is more important than the $$$ or lights that never happen.

    1. Thanks Juliana,
      I totally agree with you that if you decide to go in a creative career like artist or musician, you will be happier if you do it because you enjoy what you do as the first reason to do it.
      But then any art needs an audience, musicians without listeners or artists without a public are missing an essential part of their raison d’être. So even if I am sure the vast majority of artists would be perfectly happy just creating and having someone else promote their work, the reality is that most of us have to do some marketing, gain some exposure, not for fame but to reach an audience.

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