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Awesome tutorials and a Great teacher!

After admiring Sandrine’s art for quite some time, constantly pinning her artwork and wishing I had talent like her! I took the plunge and and I’m so glad I did! Sandrine makes art fun and her techniques are very easy to follow. Before I knew it I was creating beautiful mixed media floral art! And for the first time I actually loved what I painted! Sandrine is not only very talented, she is also very kind and generous with her time. She’s quick to answer any questions you have and always does so with a sweet disposition.

She gave me confidence in myself, which is priceless! I learned so many techniques and I was exploring different mediums I’ve never heard of let alone used before! I’ve used some of the techniques I learned in this class on other types of art, not just florals. My eyes were opened up to so many different things by this one class.

There are not enough words to explain how grateful I am to Sandrine, she put a little spark of light into my art and I’m forever thankful for her generosity.