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26 weeks of intensive explorations

In this course, I will give you inspiration and ideas to create a new painting or drawing every week.
You can choose the time you want to spend on each class. You can decide to make a big finished painting or only a small sketch for each class.
If you decide to complete a class each week, the class should last 6 months. You can also decide to complete a class every 2 weeks for a length of 1 year.
Of course if you need a bit more time to complete a week or if you wish to skip a few, I will let you do that.

Module 1 Week 1 to 6
Unit 1 Intro : Welcome to your class  
Unit 2 Week 1: Paint or draw something in black and white  
Unit 3 Week 2 : Paint or draw an image with thread or yarn  
Unit 4 Week 3 : Make a bunch of gesture drawings  
Unit 5 Week 4: Let's try some collage  
Unit 6 Week 5 : Draw or paint something using only simple geometric patterns  
Unit 7 Week 6 : All you need is primary colors  
Module 2 Week 7 to 12
Unit 1 Week 7 : Let's try an Ink resist technique  
Unit 2 Week 8 : Paint or draw a self portrait  
Unit 3 Week 9 : Make a drawing with pencil on paper and then wreck it with an eraser 🙂  
Unit 4 Week 10 : Use wax crayons as a resist to paint a watercolor on yupo paper  
Unit 5 Week 11 : Paint or draw a semi abstract landscape  
Unit 6 Week 12 : Text in paintings or drawings  
Module 3 Week 13 to 18
Unit 1 Week 13 : Paint or draw an interior scene  
Unit 2 Week 14 : Add patterns or zentangles to a painting or drawing  
Unit 3 Week 15 : Mixed media: Pastels over watercolor or acrylic  
Unit 4 Week 16 : My three years old did it! Drawing with your non dominant hand  
Unit 5 Week 17 : The poetry of everyday life, the Still Life  
Unit 6 Week 18 : Drawing by taking off  
Module 4 Week 19 to 26
Unit 1 Week 19 : Shiny, Glassy and glossy  
Unit 2 Week 20 : Welcome to the dark side, it is all about the shade  
Unit 3 Week 21 : Two complementary colors painting  
Unit 4 Week 22 : Going digital  
Unit 5 Week 23 : It is fun to be messy: Splatters and drips  
Unit 6 Week 24 : Inspired by Nature: Paint or draw flowers  
Unit 7 Week 25 : Paint a sky with watercolors, it is simpler than you think.  
Unit 8 Week 26 : 2 versions of the same drawing  
Unit 9 Congratulations! You've done it  
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