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how to mix pastels and acrylic to paint a mixed media peony flower

How to mix acrylic and pastel to paint a peony: Peony Exuberance

Acrylic paint and pastels are two media that are working very well together, learn how to paint a peony with a few simple steps.

Peony Exuberance : How to paint a peony with acrylic and pastels

pictures of peonies

This is the picture I used as a reference, I took it in my front yard. I liked the composition and the shape of the petals but the whole picture was too pink to my taste and a bit too much on the cold side in terms of colors.

acrylic painting step by step : red under painting

Starting with a flat colored underpainting has many advantages:

  • It will unify the colors of the painting by adding a bit of the same underpainting color everywhere
  • You don’t start with a scary blank canvas
  • Some of that underpainting color will show in places throughput the painting.

Red, orange and blue are commonly chosen colors for underpaintings.

Let this first layer dry completely.

drawing with a white pencil on canvas

You can start by drawing  the outlines of your flower quite loosely the red underpainting with a white china pencil.

drawing on canvas

Close up of the drawing.

acrylic painting step by step : painting layers

I start applying layers of acrylic, with 3 colors that are corresponding more or less to my mid tones, highlights and dark.

acrylic painting step by step : painting layers

Then I am adding dark purple in the shades.

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painting of peonies, adding red and orange

I start to introduce some orange to balance the pink.

painting of peonies, glazing white acrylic

You can add more light with layers of semi transparent white ( white acrylic diluted with medium)

painting of peonies, painting the background

Keep on adding layers, trying  to have some of the previous layers show at the edges.

painting with dry pastels on top of acrylic

Once the acrylic paint has dried, you can start adding pastels on top of the acrylic, this is a great method to try on some color compositions as you can just wash off the pastels if you don’t like the result. If you like what you did paint with the pastels, fix them with workable fixative so you can keep on adding layers of acrylic or pastel and they won’t smudge.

painting techniques, layering colors

Keep on adding colors until you are satisfied with the result, alternating layers of acrylic and pastels. Here I added more yellow, orange and green acrylic layers.

painting techniques, layering colors

Adjust colors until you are satisfied with the result.

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original mixed media flower painting

The finished painting: Peony Exuberance, mixed media on canvas, 36 x 36 inches
Original is sold- Prints available on Fine Art America