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Thinking, Watercolor and Pencil Crayon step by step painting tutorial

Adding patterns to watercolor portraits by Sandrine Pelissier on ARTiful, painting demos
Painting technique / Step by step demonstrations

Thinking, Watercolor and Pencil Crayon step by step painting tutorial

Watercolor portraits are so much fun! There are many techniques you can use to paint a portrait, here I decided to start with wet into wet first layers and then add details as my paper was drying.
I also did add patterns to make the portrait more interesting.

Thinking, Watercolor and Pencil Crayon step by step painting tutorial

I am still trying to loosen up my style, still mixing graphic designs with watercolor. Here the designs are made with colored pencils.

I didn’t use my usual layering technique with primary colors but actually did mix the colors on the paper wet in wet, taking more distance from the picture and trying to be less realistic.

The paper is Arches Hot Press 140 lb, stretched.

Working from a picture, I made a drawing using a grid for more accuracy.

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I put graphite on the back of my drawing paper to transfer the drawing on my watercolor paper.

I taped my drawing on my board to transfer the drawing on watercolor paper.

My drawing is just a few contours of the main shapes.

A first layer of Ultramarine blue for the areas in shade.

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Adding some warm colors, reds and yellows.

Adding the features, more contrast and definition.

Printing some small scale version of the painting to try out different backgrounds.

Drawing the design with pencil.

Thinking- Watercolor and colored pencils 

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Comments (13)

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  2. Andrea

    This is a very nice way to do a portrait. Did you wet your paper first, then staple it to a board to dry before transferring your image? You’re dedication and patience with creating new ways to perform art is commendable.

    1. Thanks Andrea 🙂
      Yes, this is exactly what I did, I did wet my paper and stretched it, holding it in place with staples. When everything was dried I did transfer my drawing.

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  5. This is very beautiful, Sandrine! I love the colors and the great of your composition.

    1. Thanks beth 🙂

  6. Very soft, Sandrine! I like how everything warms into everything else in this portrait. I especially like the contrast of the intricate design with the softness of the portrait.

    1. Thanks Leslie, it was fun to try to loosen up a little, letting the watercolor do some of the work by its own 🙂

  7. Beautifully stunning!

    1. Thanks Asmalltowndad !

  8. berene

    I love reading your tutorials. I find your step by step process so informative and well laid out. You should write a book – any publishers out there reading this?

    1. Thanks Berene 🙂

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