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Adding collages to your mixed media paintings by Sandrine Pelissier on ARTiful, painting demos

Adding collages to your mixed media paintings

I was feeling like doing something a bit more fun with a simple still life subject and wanted to experiment with mixed media and in particular integrating collage and a very shiny finish.

White Coffee, painting with acrylics and mixed media on canvas

Here are the steps I took:

acrylic collage

After painting a simple under-painting with acrylic I start adding pieces of papers with acrylic medium

painting acrylic on top of collage

Here I am done with that layer of collage and will start applying acrylic paint to unify the collage pieces.

acrylic painting step by step

Here I added acrylic paint.

scrubbing off acrylic paint

I found the acrylic layer I painted to be a bit too flat, so I want to add some transparency and drips. For this I will spray the painting with water and alcohol. Alcohol helps taking off the acrylic once it is dried.

scrubbing off acrylic paint with a sponge

I am using a sponge to scrub the paint off.

learn to paint with acrylics, taking off paint

Here I start taking off some paint.

glazing layers of acrylic

I want to finish result to have a “white on white” appearance so I am glazing some white acrylic mixed with medium on top of the painting once it is dried.

acrylic painting technique : glazing

The glazed painting, once again I want to add more transparency.

taking off acrylic paint

So I am scrubbing off a bit of that glaze again.

painting with pastels on acrylic

I want to add more definition to the cup, so I work with pastels now.

tracing contours with pencil

I also trace some contours with a pencil before fixing everything with a workable fixative (Krylon)

acrylic diluted in water

Next step is adding some very watery layer of white acrylic to add “watercolor like” patterns on the surface.

mixing ink and acrylic paint

I also add a bit of blue ink into the wet acrylic layer.

acrylic painting ideas, painting a cup of coffee

The finished painting. I will now add a very shiny finish with resin

epoxy resin on acrylic paint

Here I am applying 2 layers of epoxy resin to give the painting a thick shiny and smooth finish.

still life art, white coffee

The finished painting. White coffee, 24 x 24 inches

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Adding collages to your mixed media paintings
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