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3 paintings for the Anonymous Art Show on ARTiful, painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Painting flowers from imagination: 3 Paintings for the Anonymous Art Show

Painting flowers from imagination is very satisfying, you can get rid of reference picture and enjoy the freedom of making up flowers that are whimsical and funny looking 🙂


Every year, the North Vancouver Community Arts Council is organizing an Anonymous Art Show. The rules are that every painting has to be 8 x 8 inches and signed only at the back. You can read more about the Anonymous Art Show here.


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painting flowers on canvas step by step

This year I decided to paint all three paintings on canvas.

painting flowers with fluid acrylics and alcohol inks

I started by selecting 3-4 colors for each painting


painting flowers from imagination :adding visual texture with alcohol

And did paint an abstract background with alcohol to add textures

adding visual texture with an art stix

I also added a few random lines onto each of the background.

outlining contours for negative painting

Then I selected a few shapes to keep

background painting with white acrylic

And painted around them with white acrylic

glazing with acrylic paint

I also glazed a few areas

adding patterns with a dipping pen and ink

Added a few patterns

painting flowers from imagination : drawing with acrylic ink

And a few lines

The finished paintings


Painting flowers from imagination: 3 Paintings for the Anonymous Art Show
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