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Zentangle and Mandala Inspired Christmas Cards Ideas

Everyone loves the attention when you take the time and effort to make Christmas cards or gifts by hand . Here are ideas for hand made Christmas greeting cards inspired by zentangle and mandala patterns. These cards can also be used as gift tags and don’t require much supplies: all you need is a blank card, one or two markers and a bit of patience. They are fun and relaxing to make, even in front of the TV. No skill is necessary, just a bit of time.


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To make zentangle and mandala Christmas cards, you will need:

  • Strathmore mixed media cards
  • or Strathmore Artist tiles in black
  • Sakura pigma micron pens in green or black
  • or white opaque marker



Here are some ideas of hand-drawn Christmas cards.

negative drawing with pattern around a word

When I want a word to appear inside a pattern, I just draw the contour with a pencil and draw the pattern around.


mandala design on Christmas cards


For these kinds of designs, work from the center and build from it in concentric circles with simple geometric designs.

zentangle patterns on postcard

These are just stripes of the same pattern in different sizes, you could color some of the round shapes to write a word.


mandalas Christmas cards

For these patterns I am using variations of simple geometric shapes: circles, triangles, cross, dots…

christmas cards thumbnail Christmas ball ornament white on black post card

This one is done on black artist tiles with a white marker.  Draw the outline of a Christmas ornament and fill that space with zentangle patterns.

Christmas postcard with green Sakura pigma marker

Here I used green Sakura Pigma micron marker.

green Christmas cards diy


mandala Christmas cards


how to make mandala postcards


draw mandalas on postcards


simple geometric shapes to draw mandalas

The two following cards are from designs I found in Joanne Fink book : Zenspirations Dangle designs:

Zenspirations Dangle designs

Christmas card  with zentangle designs christmas card 4


Christmas ball card do it yourself negative drawing around noel on Christmas card




Share links to pictures of the cards you made or your ideas for designs in the comments.


Zentangle and Mandala Inspired Christmas Cards Ideas
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