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One drawing 7 versions

This is a fun exercise you might want to try on your life drawings or even any kind of drawing. Make a few different versions of the same drawing in different media, exploring different styles. You can even think about your favorites artists and try a version of your drawing in their style.

1- Black marker and cross hatching

I tried it on this drawing I made in life drawing class:


For this original drawing, I used graphite first, then I went over my drawing with a black marker and used cross hatching for the areas in the shade.When I was done with the marker, I erased the graphite drawing. The paper is mixed media paper.


2- Charcoal and white acrylic



For this version I used charcoal for the dark areas with an irregular cross hatching. I smudged charcoal all over the white paper for mid tones and used white acrylic paint for highlights.

3- Watercolor pencils in different colors


For this painting, I used watercolor paper and then mixed a few colors with watercolor pencils (blue, yellow, orange, red, black for the hair) before going over the painting with a wet brush.


4-Black outline and watercolor washes


I also used watercolor paper for this one, starting with a back outline of the figure in a waterproof black marker (Sakura Pigma Micron) and then painted a light wash over the figure, adding a few red highlights wet into wet.

5-Black markers and watercolor crayons- Inspired by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec



This drawing is inspired by the illustrations of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec for his posters. I kept it really simple with just a few details highlighted in color and a black background.

6- Marker and watercolor- Inspired by Egon Schiele


When it comes to drawing, my favorite artist is Egon Schiele. This watercolor is inspired by some of his drawings. I did a black outline with marker making the figure a bit more elongated and with sharp angles then added color washes to the figure.

7- On yupo paper with markers and watercolor


This is in the style of my “Life Patterns” series. I am re-working life drawings on yupo paper with watercolor and markers and lots of patterns.


Have you tried different versions of the same drawing? What was your favourite technique?


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  • Therese Gena

    Hi Sandrine, I am about ready to send out my drawing for the large poster.
    Do you have a date for closing this project?
    Also, if I should send them snail mail, would the address be your studio address on the web.
    Thanks, Therese