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Beauty in diversity

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought as to why I like so much life drawing and what I want to say with my art. For sure there is something almost magical happening when you manage to represent accurately someone in front of you, in life drawing class, with some basic tools like […] Read more

printing with an antique copy press

I have been looking for a long time for a press to print my linocuts but I wanted something that would not take a huge amount of space and would allow me to print at least A3 sized prints. So I was very excited to find a large book press in an antique store. I […] Read more

about women representation in art

An archaeologist from the future looking at our present time movies would have a very distorted picture of our reality: He would think for exemple that 90% percent of the population is white, that women are not able to take many decisions on their own, especially in times of crisis, that the majority of their […] Read more

4 versions of the same linoprint by North Vancouver artist Sandrine Pelissier

One great advantage of working with linoprints, or any kind of hand printing technique for that matter, is that you can experiment with different colors and different supports with the same linocut plates. You might also ne interested in: How to hand print linocuts I recently carved lino plates for a forest triptych that would have […] Read more

For my non Canadian readers, Culture Days is a annual pan Canadian event aimed at promoting public participation and engagement in Art. For a weekend many artists studios, music schools, theaters, community centers… organize free activities, preferably with participation of the public . You can read more about Culture Days on their website here. I […] Read more

pushing your limits as an artist

I am selling a few online classes on this blog and 2 of them (26 weeks of inspiration and training and 12 weeks of drawing explorations) are built around assignments and  feedback I give to artists. The way it works is participants fill out a form at the end of each assignment and they share […] Read more

Life drawing, art, nudity and culture

I was born and raised in France and have been living in North America for the last 20 years. At first, I could see many obvious cultural differences, in particular with the relation towards food (quantities are smaller in Europe) or with politeness (Canadians are definitely more polite than French people :) )but as time […] Read more

Stretching mini linoprints on canvas

Recently I have been printing some of my linocuts on canvas, with the idea of stretching it and varnishing it later so it looks like a small painting. You can buy ink from Speedball that is specifically designed to print on fabric. The design has been printed on canvas. They will need to dry for […] Read more