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Paintingover life drawings with Indian Ink part 2 on Artiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier

Painting over life drawings with India Ink- part 2

In the last post, I was painting over life drawings with India ink and clear gesso with watercolor crayons.

You can see that post here: Painting over life drawings with India Ink- part 1

There are many variations you can try with these techniques, here are a few:


You can use white ink for highlights and India ink for dark areas:


You will need:

  • A drawing on white paper
  • India Ink
  • A few brushes
  • clear gesso (I used Liquitex)
  • white ink


Start by mixing a medium tone of grey with the Indian ink.



Then apply it with big gestural strokes on the paper.


You can also add a few drips if you want to.img_8597s

Let everything dry, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process being careful not to make the drips move.img_4369s

The drawing at this stage


When the ink is dry, you can apply a thin layer of clear gesso. The gesso looks milky when wet but will dry transparent. Let dry


Now you can work on the new gessoed surface and go over some of the shading with India Ink.


You can go over the same area a few times to make it darker.

You can go over the highlights with white ink

You can also use colored pencils on top of India Ink:


Regular colored pencils are also working great on top of clear gesso.img_8613s

Here I started by darkening a few areas in the shade.img_8616s

I went over the contours with a black colored pencilimg_8618s

Added a few highlights with a white colored pencils.img_4379s

The finished drawing.


You can layer India ink on top of your India Ink wash

img_8635sYou can also use a wash of India Ink that is just a bit darker than the background.


Go over the shade areas with the light wash of India Ink.



You can go several times on the same area to make it darker

The finished painting


The finished painting


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